20+ ordinary people, who have decided to stand out in crowd

The working title was fasting "when to stop", but these guys a sense of proportion is clearly not familiar with. Welcome to the selection of individuals that are one of its kind can undermine the weak psyche.

Just funny freak who cheers up to the terrible post. B>

That feeling when actually prevents ear, but you're not Van Gogh

He decided not to injure anyone

drop of glamor

And Spoon bytovuhi

Small upgrade


I have found in you everything, everything that is necessary to me, and a little bit more. B>

How does he eat soups? B>

As part of the "decorations" was dismantled (all the attention on the eyebrows)

Why? Why are so few of tattoos? B>

A person who truly have eyes at the back

When the draft in the mouth

Why do my eyes summed up? And so good! B>

How is she (or he) passes the customs control? B>

Mingle with the crowd he obviously will not work

This is when a company Nike is able to sue you for just eyebrows

well do without canvas

Oh, not from the collection ... Although it fits perfectly here

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