Inland Empire: who are schizoid?

The human characters are very diverse, but among them, however, can distinguish the typical "figures." There is the concept of "accentuation" For a description of some of these patterns in psychology. It is the sum of the most clearly-defined character traits, which are still within the clinical norms, but make a person vulnerable to psychological stresses of a certain type. Schizoid accentuation - one of its variants.

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Removal of both

protection The story of what is it like to people with schizoid accentuation, we should start with the concept of psychological defense. Sigmund Freud, fascinated not only psychology, but, suddenly, military theory, loved the terms of the war - and it was he who coined the concept. He described as unconscious psychological mechanisms that help us to preserve our inner world, his integrity. Despite the ambiguity of the word "protection", it is not always a question of situations of adverse impacts from the outside. Psychological defense, a cornerstone in psychology, it is a way of man's knowledge of the world, a way to adapt to its environment. Two people with different protections are different ways to see the existing problem - for example, one will pretend that there is no problem, and the second - devalue the very purpose for which it was necessary to solve this problem

. Different psychologists distinguish different number of psychological defenses. But, nevertheless, there is a "core team", without which no cost, no one list. In it, in particular, include a primitive suspension: in the case of fatigue, information overload, stress, aggression outside people who are peculiar to this protection, simply "turned off from reality": go to sleep, go to, switch to the world of their own fantasies, no longer respond to the external stimuli, just run away. The use of substances to change the state of consciousness can also be a type of primitive suspension.

As a general rule, speaking of primitive suspension, usually mention that this protection, most readily used schizoid. However, the question "what comes first" in this case is quite appropriate: the child, often running away from reality into a world of their own fantasies, "build" the world, fills it with new stories and meanings, and get used to the fact that the external environment is often not nearly as exciting, as the "Inland empire". Thus, the theory that it is the habit of primitive shapes schizoid isolation, it has the right to life.

Schizoid and schizoid

Before we talk about what are schizoid, is to say that what they are not.

The common root with the word "schizophrenia" can be misleading: schizoid accentuation - this is not the same as the disease itself. As with all other accentuation, there is a continuum, at one of the edges of which are perfectly healthy psychologically, people with some, not too pronounced traits inherent schizoid - individualism, a closeness, a tendency to protect their internal borders. The closer to the other end, the more sharpened and stick out the features and the greater their ability to "spoil the life" of a person. And finally, on the other, the pathological, the edge of the continuum, there is a diagnosis of schizophrenia. As a rule, people who suffer from it, to the onset of the disease were the owners of the schizoid accentuation. However, the majority (absolute majority, fortunately) schizoid schizophrenia is not threatened.

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Because of their isolation and alienation schizoid can be confused with people with autism spectrum diagnoses, for example, "aspergikami". However, if the "ASPI" often do not understand what they feel or think around, schizoid, they tend to feel it very keenly. Just do not always want to do something with this knowledge. A person with Asperger's syndrome will likely not notice that his friend's distressed look and he wants to be comforted. Schizoid notice and understand everything - but there is no guarantee that it will find a motivation to comfort personally

. Hypersensitivity and isolation

Good understanding of others' emotions - this is a special case of the general schizoid sensitivity. These people live "without skin," - they feel very much and sensitive to external stimuli - from the water dripping from the tap to the requirements to participate in the corporate parties. Sensitivity at the schizoid is complemented by a rich emotional - in their world, a lot of feelings. Here only inside all, and few reach the surface. It is because of this schizoid often mistakenly see the wooden and emotionless.

Lone Wanderer

absorption Fear - one of the leading stock in the schizoid character. They are so often seen alone, precisely because the sense of belonging to something seen as threat to their identity. Albert Einstein wrote about this: "My passionate sense of social justice and social responsibility has always contrasted oddly with my remarks about the limited need for direct contact with other human beings and communities. I am truly a "lone wanderer" and never with all my heart did not belong to my country, no home, not even to my family; in the face of all these ties, I have never lost a sense of distance and isolation requirements »

Personal boundaries

The distance - a way to preserve their individuality, maintain your inner world safe from the "invaders." Schizoid live much more "inside" than "outside", and appreciate their internal borders of the empire. While others, feeling bad, tend to "go to the people" and get sympathy, the natural reaction of the schizoid - to get into a "sink" and stay there until better times. They have, as a rule, is a bit of trusted friends, they do not tend to be considered in a love relationship partner "your half" (why would a sudden, they are so integral). This does not mean that they do not appreciate the proximity - just often seems to them that the cost of this proximity may be their other absorption. Thus, fluctuations between convergence and remote - a natural for the schizoid state

. Beyond the norms and conventions

People with schizoid accentuation often eccentric. Not for show - they have no need for applause or evidence of its uniqueness. Simply, they either do not pay attention to social expectations, or ignore those that seem pointless and stupid. One of the reasons to disregard the conventions - all the same notorious schizoid personality. They break rules because they think that these norms "define" them, are forced to become a little bit, but other. The need to adapt and comply with environment gives them an unpleasant feeling of insincerity and pretense.

Integrity - is another direct consequence of the fear of loss of individuality. Among all people have accentuated schizoid least psychological defenses - which means that they tend to be more aware of their own goals, motivations and fears. On the one hand, it adds to their sense of otherness "why all these people are constantly lie themselves" on the other - such emotional honesty can be a problem for them, and also lead to burnout

. Schizoid and expression

It is in order to avoid burnout, transform their own emotions and to express their own personality, schizoid choose their most creative work, those areas where they, with their rich imagination, intellectual potential and innovative thinking can manifest itself: science, art, religion - all this is the closest schizoid scope

. Who needs help

How do you know that a person with schizoid accentuation need medical or psychological help? As described above, the accentuation of itself is not a problem. But if some individual traits associated with it - the isolation, the inability to "fit" problems with the construction of a romantic relationship - cause severe discomfort, should seek help from a therapist. Also with schizoid accentuation often associated susceptibility to depression and anhedonia (inability to experience pleasure) - in these cases it is also necessary to address for the help.


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