Life is not easy popugayachya

As a preface.
 The old story, in his own words:
 Jaco parrot was prohibited import into the Soviet Union, but they were taken from Angola almost everything, bypassing customs tricky way. For the transportation of live load is necessary that this cargo was behaving like a dead man, that is not fluttering and generally pretended Hen Grill, just a little. Because parrots simply soldered much the whole dining room spoon of rubbing alcohol, then they are at least a day to chop off and is nothing more than a dumb anatomic benefit structure bird carcass in a state of suspended animation. Usually comatose animals immersed in a container navrode tube for drawings, in which holes are drilled neat and in a state carried on a new place of residence.
 Who knows, maybe this time proved to be diluted with alcohol or parrot seasoned, but customs inspection when the officer opened the bag, a tube for drawings flicked suddenly and out of the parrot got disheveled.
 - Op-pa! - Only able to say a customs - What are you, comrade, carry illegal cargo ?!
 The owner of the goods was about, was justified, but Jacquot shook himself, squared his feathers, and yelled at the entire airport:
 - I am Russian! I py-at-ssssky! Russian !!!
 Well, it was not to let this fellow to his homeland ??


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