Do not forgive a person just

As a specialist, I'll tell seditious thing ... Do not forgive a person for a reason. Especially - man

. Even though all more or less developed people know that to forgive and ask for forgiveness - it's good. It purifies the soul, let go of resentment, dependence, helps to restore mutual understanding, harmonizing your own life. In the end, does not turn destructive psychosomatic.

During those years, the experience of psycho, meditation and other work on themselves and their emotions, as well as monitoring of clients and their stories, I had the clear conviction - can not be the person to forgive, if it is nothing for it did not say, did not ask, I did not commit the act. Especially - man. It corrupts. This brings permissiveness. This indicates the absence of your personal boundaries and gives a person the right to do with you as well. To ask for forgiveness and to forgive - it is spiritual, but works only with those who have the same level of values ​​and development as you

. In all other cases, asking for God's forgiveness, ask for yourself and the person asking forgiveness of myself for that film made in relation to itself, that angry, angry. It is to the disease on the head did not fall. A move away from a man: "God will forgive"

. Why especially men? Because they are accustomed from childhood what is praised and scolded the man only for the actions, not the state. For them, the normal logic - to do something that you have forgiven. If a woman does it just like that, it does not fit in a man's world view. This is about how to tell the boy "" You're beautiful. " It's nice, but confusing. And it is not clear what to do next.

In general, asking for God's forgiveness, forgive yourself, and the abuser - God will forgive. While he will not come to you.

Author: Lily Ahremchik


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