How to grow tomatoes in the earliest large bucket

Each of gardeners gardeners gradually accumulated invaluable experience in growing horticultural crops. Sometimes there are situations that may cause conventional plant lovers to a small, but still opening. It happened to me when growing tomatoes in buckets.

The advantages of growing tomatoes in buckets

Grown seedlings we plant tomatoes in the greenhouse every year. And while certainly are plants that do not have enough space in the greenhouse beds.

Ten years ago, also after planting in the greenhouse remained "extra" tomato seedlings. My kids felt sorry for her to throw away, and they planted a few plants remaining in the old worn, metal buckets - one sapling in every bucket, filled with the usual humus.
Buckets with seedlings planted in them, too, put in a greenhouse, placing on the sidelines.

I do not remember the names of all the varieties of tomatoes, which were in these buckets, but including it was sort

«Miner's Glory". Done all of a sudden tomatoes in buckets began to ripen two weeks earlier than in the greenhouse beds. And the fruits of them were larger by about half. Bushes tomatoes in buckets fruited profusely, were just littered with them.
For example, fruit varieties "Miner's Glory" in the garden of more than 150 g is not normally grow. But at seedlings in buckets harvest was really nice - smooth, dense, round fruit in the bucket reached 250 g
Bushes tomatoes in buckets were more powerful, much more harvest was formed, and the fructification of these plants have been longer.

However, after this successful experiment, I did not attach much importance to it.
But a few years later the story repeated itself. Now some plants planted in buckets my grandson. Again, the result of growing tomatoes in buckets was perfect!
Obviously shown a consistent pattern of high yields of seedling tomatoes in buckets.

And finally to verify the effectiveness of growing tomatoes in buckets, I deliberately planted seedlings of tomatoes as an experiment.
I planted seedlings of ten different varieties in buckets by placing one plant in each bucket.
To do this, find the dump leaky metal buckets and filled them with the usual humus. Sami buckets when growing tomatoes in the greenhouse placed in partial shade, but directly to the plants were well covered.

And again planted in buckets of tomatoes gave an enviable harvest.
On the large-fruited varieties of tomatoes ( "Giant Novikova," "Wonder Land", "Triple-crop", "Egyptian giant", "Yantarevskie", "Canadian giant," "Giant Lebanese") the fruits reach a weight of 1 kg or more. And in the bush tomato with an average fruit weight in the range of 100-150 g ( "Argentine cream", "Wizard", "Dream lover") was a real abundance!
But the beds in the greenhouse, in spite of the good harvest of tomatoes, the picture was much worse.

Emphasis is placed on some other interesting facts.
The fruits of tomatoes grown in buckets, always the denser, not watery (as often happens in a bed with abundant watering).
And the fruit of tomatoes rastreskivaemosti I did not notice even once when grown in buckets.

Agronomic techniques for growing tomatoes in buckets under greenhouse conditions are standard:
 - Moderate watering;
 - Misses moisture to the plants;
 - Good ventilation;
 - Timely pasynkovanie;
 - Ungelled landings;
 - Exceeding of the permissible temperature in the greenhouse (over 30 C)

. One very important observation: the more "leaky" the bottom of the bucket, the vigorous growth of tomatoes.
This fact is connected with the fact that penetrates through the bottom of the buckets into the soil the roots of the plants always have the necessary supply of moisture, because the land is under the bottom never dries.

The results of the experiment of tomato

What kind of explanation can be given to the phenomenon of superior crop of tomatoes in buckets?
In my opinion, it is such.

The bulk of the tomato roots, which is the bucket wall, warming up in the greenhouse air temperature. The bucket is also much faster warming water when watering plants.
In contrast to this situation, in a bed ground temperature at the depth of the main roots (25-30 cm) by approximately ten degrees lower than that on the soil surface.

A metal buckets - is not contrary to common sense? It is believed that the metal contact with the roots of the plants is not compatible. However, as you can see, the high thermal conductivity of metal buckets, on the contrary, contributes to the rapid heating of the soil in them.

As a result, the output on the conducted experiment suggests itself. Due to greater warming of the soil in metal pails sharply accelerated growth processes of plants and increases the flow of nutrients to them. This leads to early ripening of the fruit, as well as to increase yields and Large fruit tomatoes grown in buckets.

So grow older large tomatoes in buckets is easy!

I believe that this technique will be very attractive to gardeners with a small area of ​​the greenhouse. For those who appreciate his work and wants to get an early large crop of tomatoes at a low cost.


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