1839 - Birthday OK. And here there is a serious divergence of opinion. One side believes that OK - wrong Humorous reducing all correct, housed in the Boston Morning Post, but the gentlemen Democrats from New York believe that their merit. They called them his club The Democratic OK Club. Here OK - abbreviated name of Old Kinderhook - hometown of then-President Martin Van Buren
. In fact, it had plenty of versions. For example, what's wrong with the Greek - ola kala - «all right?" Or Latin omnia correcta? Even Finns did not passed, as in Finnish oikea - «right».
And most probably, amusing, curious version - with President Andrew Jackson. Say, literacy, he had not so hot like, and therefore he wrote oll korrekt. But Jackson's loyal supporters on alert and responded immediately - there was no such, but the Indians he had borrowed the word Okeh, yes, it was.

1891 - There was a net on the football goal. There was this momentous occasion in a match between the North and the South Anglii.Kak and many innovations, the grid is not met immediately "odobryams" and another good year has passed, before she became a fixture of the game.

1900 - Found the remains of the Labyrinth on Crete. We managed to do this to Arthur Evans, who by that time was already well-known archaeologist and remained in the position of curator of archeology at Oxford. The excavations have confirmed the existence of an ancient civilization called Minoan.
Minoans were not bad in a relationship with the Egyptians, the Greeks influenced. When the Achaean Greeks came to the critical bit to war, their appearance did not lead to the decline and abandonment, as often happens in history, and gave impetus to the emergence of a mixed Mycenaean culture that the surrounding islands and mainland Greece. Continue this symbiosis, in which indigenous Cretans played an important role, until the invasion of the Dorians (Greeks, too, by the way). It was after this, about 3-4 centuries BC population was assimilated by the Greeks finally, as the Minoan culture came to naught ...


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