Ancient Chinese tradition talipes

This tradition reigned in China for 1,000 years, until the communists in the early 1950s is not banned. Started bandaging legs from 4 to 12 years, who when. Mota all rich and in some areas and the poor. Ached terribly about 3 years until your fingers completely wrapped (scrap) under the foot. Then ceased and they could (almost all) to walk normally. Some could not walk far. A girl without talipes had only hope maid, while a very small foot even from a very poor family, she could marry well. Local matchmaker did not ask whether good girl knows how a good cook, whether there is intelligent. She was asked what size her leg. Shoes they sewed themselves. Every had 30 pairs and more, even being poor. Feet never did show. Slept in the special shoes which could only see her husband. Bare feet are not seen by anybody.

When the Communists took over and forced to take off all the bandages, the women became even worse - it was terribly hurt because his legs began to straighten (but never bought kind), and in addition they were ashamed to have such feet - wild, not civilized. For example, before they looked at other people down because they were ordinary women "ugly feet." Then he used to. Daughters have not swung. These are the different cultures.


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