15 hot photos of Maria Sharapova, who will make you forget about her doping scandals!

Recently, on Maria Sharapova are constantly told in the media - and is unlikely to such prominence to her liking: a major scandal broke out around a professional tennis player. But there were times when Sharapova did not descend from the front pages of the sports newspapers and on the cover of fashion magazines thanks to its resounding victory ... and dazzling appearance! These 15 photos of Mary will take you back to those

Small fee - a mandatory attribute in every woman's wardrobe, especially when it is a great opportunity to show legs. Sharapova is so high that it would cost to meet the basketball player - and her biography there is indeed an episode when she was together with her boyfriend


11. From the paparazzi can not hide

The good old classic - black swimsuit and beach in Cancun. Not very glamorous, but nevertheless stylish. Now Mary is probably full of free time to spend time on the beach and take pictures like this!

10. Sweat pours river

During the games, especially Maria - especially in this form, when it exhausted exhausting Seth! Soon, this photo will be worth a lot of money - because we will not soon see it on the court


4. Elegant dress for the ceremony

Here we see Mary in all her beauty and grace. But the best in this photo - facial expression girl on the right: "You are my photograph? Already got, fucking paparazzi. Leave me alone". She seemed not to suspect, who is sitting next to her!

3. Maybe she should think about modeling career

We have already mentioned her legs? Yes? .. Well, nevertheless. - They deserve to come back to them again and again. You can not just go and stop thinking t feet Sharapova.


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