14 Unknown Children of celebrities, which you do not suspect

It is believed that if the father or mother star, then the child will follow in their footsteps. But it is not always the case. And even if the star children still choose to link their fate with show business, not the fact that they will be able to gain celebrity status, as it was able to make their parents.

We present you the unknown children of celebrities, which you are unlikely to have heard something ...

Julian and Sean Lennond70bfa9bb7.jpg

Both John Lennon's son Julian and Sean went to his father's footsteps and study music.

Chester Henks365f0edbbd.jpg

The son of Tom Hanks Chester (stage name - Chet Haze) sees its future in the rap industry and his own money has already recorded several clips

. Ella Bleu Travoltab36c2f71d4.jpg

Despite her young age, Ella Bleu Travolta, daughter of John Travolta, has managed to star in several films and cartoon characters to voice.

John David Vashingtonc86fcfc820.jpg

The eldest son of Denzel Washington, John David professionally engaged in football. He also starred in two films.

Lorraine Nikolsonc387334250.jpg

The youngest daughter of Jack Nicholson Lorraine started acting at age 11. But while the girl gets only supporting roles.

Lisa Brennan-Dzhobse45a579bcb.jpg

Steve Jobs' daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs works as a journalist and has written several columns of magazines. In addition, it is a personal blog, which is very popular among readers.

Eric Norris1bbea5552e.jpg

Son of Chuck Norris, Eric became a racing driver, and also starred in several films and television series.

Mamie and Grace Strip02b6a7b97e.jpg

31-year-old Mamie and 28-year-old Grace went in the footsteps of their great mother Meryl Streep and are actively engaged in an acting career. Mamie became famous as an actress thanks to starring in the popular American TV series "Emily Owens," and Grace appeared in an episode of "American Horror storiesĀ».

Jane Erin Kerri9c4801723f.jpg

Jane Erin Carrey did not go in the footsteps of a famous father, Jim Carrey, and took up a musical career and sings in its own Jane Carrey Band group.

Francis Kobeynfea5b775da.jpg

Frances Cobain - the only daughter of the legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and least popular singer Courtney Love. She is an actress, artist, singer, journalist and model known brands.

And a little bit about our samovars ...

Victoria Krutaya6f8a7ad4af.jpg

Leaving behind the attempt to conquer the show busi, daughter of Igor Krutoy took flower business, and I must say, quite successful.

Denis Baysarov17c56d312b.jpg

Star grandson of Alla Pugacheva decided not to link their fate with show business. The son of a prominent Chechen businessman Ruslan Baisarov and Christina Orbokayte lives with his father and brought up in Chechen traditions.

Pauline Agutina0c19682e1f.jpg

The eldest daughter of Leonid Agutin ballerina Maria Vorobyova many years living with his mother in France. She never dreamed of becoming an actress and as a proof of his intentions entered the Faculty of Law.

Alexander Yarmolnikc4439e7753.jpg

The daughter of a famous actor Leonid Yarmolnik - Alexander - a unique representative of the profession in our country - it is glass artist

. : Wuzzup.ru

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