Electric sports car BAIC BJEV build on the formulary technologies

The Chinese company BAIC BJEV released teasers electric sports car, whose debut will take place in late April at the Beijing Motor Show. Technical details are not, but it is known that the car is built in Spain on the basis of race team Campos Racing, lit up a few years ago in Formula 1. Another utopian project of the Middle Kingdom? Perhaps not.

Company Beijing Electric Vehicle Co. (BJEV) belongs to the state concern BAIC, a well-known brands and BAW Foton, as well as the Beijing-Hyundai joint enterprises and the Beijing-Benz. In 2009, BAIC bought from GM technology platforms and cars Saab 9-3 and 9-5, putting them in the framework of its own models under the brand BAIC (sometimes referred to as Beijing Auto). And at the same time was organized BJEV compartment release versions of electric cars are.

However, the first products were other vehicles: hatchbacks BAIC E130 and E150, appearance resembling Mercedes B-Class, but built on the transferred German partner hatchback smart forfour first generation platform. And instead of the originally planned filling of electrical equipment Boston-Power American company became the local products: ATL and SK lithium-ion batteries plus motors Broad Ocean


Due to this localization prices BAIC E-Series electric cars were quite attractive (14 thousand dollars), so the success was not long in coming: 16488 cars sold last year. This is the second place in the ranking of Chinese electric vehicle sales after model Kandi EV (16736 copies). By the way, own mersedesovsky Denza electric car, jointly developed with the company of BYD, sold more than five times worse: only some 2888 pieces. A total amount realized for the year the department BAIC BJEV exceeded 20 thousand electric cars - including finally got to the conveyor EU260 and ES210 models saabovsky platform


It seems, on the success of the Chinese dizzy happened: in the end of January, they announced a new plan, according to which five years BAIC BJEV will produce 800,000 electric vehicles a year, and half of them must diverge in the domestic market! A month later signed an agreement with Campos Racing team to establish a research center BAIC BJEV R & amp; D Barcelona. By the way, the third outpost of foreign firms: two offices are open in Germany and California. But the most interesting that the Barcelona organized a joint venture with the sole purpose of:. For the construction of an electric sports car based on racing technology

Collective Research Centre BAIC BJEV R & amp; D Barcelona
Deadlines (two months) between the start of work and the debut of the machine cast doubt on the fact that the supercar will appear in Beijing in working form - surely this will only mock. However, the scientific and technical base and experience of European experts promise a decent car in the future. At least in terms of the chassis. And the appearance of the sports car in the teasers not bad, is not it?


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