The most wise parable about friends

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Once a young man decided to marry. One week, he ran all the bustle in preparing for the wedding. One evening he spoke to his father:
"Dad, I have a favor to ask. I do not have time to do everything alone, so please, here's a list of my friends. Telephoned them and invite to my wedding. »
"Well, son," - said the father
. On the day of the wedding son he ran up to his father and began to be indignant: "Dad, I asked you to call all my friends!»
- I did so
. - But in my list there were 50 people, and I see only 15 of them
. - Son, I phoned all ... all 50 people. To each of them I said that calling on your request that you have now the problem and you need the help of friends. He asked all to come at this time in this very place. So do not worry, son, All your friends are here!



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