Ingenious Gadgets and design solutions for small apartments

The main disadvantage of small apartment is, of course, the lack of space. In the face of such apartments always have to resort to various tricks to save space and make your home cozy. Good thing the designers did not forget about the apartments with a small living space and create all new and useful gadgets and hybrids that combine just two things in one, thus allowing to save space and at the same time, do not infringe upon ourselves in an amount necessary for things at home.

Foldable cutting board with integrated colander

Easy folding chair, which becomes completely flat

Partition for table tennis, which is also a stand under the hot

Speaker and lighting in one device

All kitchen appliances in one

Folding bucket

Folding ironing board in the closet

Hybrid knife and scissors

Magnetic fabric, you can iron things on the metal surface. For example, on the washing machine

Dryer dishes that can be placed over the sink

Mattress turns into a chair

Compact hanger

Adjustable bowl pet

Narrow toaster

Salad bowl with integrated spoon

A hammock for a cat under the chair

Toilet with sink

Even better: washing machine united with sink

Foldable Treadmill

Folding whisk

The vertical shoe rack

Armchair library

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