everything comes to an end

< Anna Tantsyura

It ends at midnight. You're a little ustavsh and dented. Night rolls in a vice, the wind howls frosty chill. All the neighbors behind the wall noisy, it's not sleep, "so you uymites" I just need a rest now.
You dymish and dymish, all hypnosis is my window, and the moon pours yellow thick syrup, I sit on the floor, I see a silent movie. There are no tears, no emotion, only the blind chills.
You sound to me like the bells of the church, so spring comes so unexpectedly, accidentally hurt. You're a ghost town you * re lake, rock you - everything that bites into the throat with the word "hurt»
. Whiskey. Old motive, it seems, is the Spleen, yes, Vasilyev is always beautiful. What are you Revesz again? Come chairs teeth. Because now you finally - everything is clear ...


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