Her Highness Sheikha Mozah - Scheherazade of the XXI century

In any country there are amazing, admirable women. We are in the Website like to admire the beautiful ladies, for whose light-footed and elegant outfits hiding intelligence, dedication and remarkable strength of will.

One of them is Sheikh Mozah (Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned), the former wife of the Emir of Qatar. She is only 56, but she has already become a legend. Name Sheikhs know everything, from small to large.

It is considered the gray cardinal of Qatar. That there is at least the fact that the current Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani was not the eldest son and heir. Instead of the usual principle of seniority of Qatar, succeeded by son Sheikha Mozah. He currently rules the country, being the youngest monarch in the world.

Influence Sheikha Mozah is credited with modernizing the country and the establishment of relations with the Western world. It even has its own instagram and regularly publishes a variety of photos. And ladies from all over the world do not get tired to admire her style.

Despite the fact that Sheikha Mozah - only one of the three wives of the Emir of Qatar, for many years, exactly how it is considered the first lady of the state and one of the most powerful women in the Arab world, which has been recognized even by Forbes magazine. Sheikha Mozah, UNESCO Special Envoy also works in every way helps to develop secondary and higher education, making it more accessible.

A shrewd and educated beauty has achieved a unique position in Qatar and beyond. With a degree in sociology, Qatar University, and they have had training in a number of American universities, Sheikha Mozah is well versed in both domestic and foreign policy, exerting a significant influence on it.

Unlike typical female Arab rulers Sheikh Mozah travels a lot, almost always accompanying spouse during official visits to many different countries. As vice-president of the Supreme Council of Education, it has attracted multi-million dollar investment in the Qatar Science and Technology Park, which in the future is going to be the new Silicon Valley.

It is engaged in the development of education and science, it is headed by the established Arab Democratic Foundation, whose goal is the development of free media and the foundations of civil society. It Sheikha Mozah has managed to create a campus in the suburbs of the capital, where students give lectures leading American professor. Including through its impact Qatar has been actively drum up to all kinds of events of international scale. For example, the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar!

Sheikha Mozah is actively interested in the problems of children, in particular, the development of children's education in Qatar. In addition, she is the head of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, precisely because it exists Foundation Education City, whose activities are focused on the spread of education among children. She also took the initiative of opening children's channel Al Jazeera Children's Channel for kids 7-12 years old.

Her Highness and loved in his country and abroad. As one of the world's style icons, it demonstrates timeless elegance and age. Despite the presence of seven children, she keeps her beauty enduring, figure - graceful and sense of style - perfect. It is considered one of the most influential women in the world.

Style Sheikha Mozah is the recognized standard of good taste. She - a vivid example of how beautifully you can beat the familiar shapes and lines, without losing their individuality. Do not rebelling against the traditions and practices of their homeland, she interweaves harmoniously in their modernity. By the way, thanks to her turbans periodically become topical trend.

Sheikha Mozah - a unique example of modern business woman of the East. The wife and mother, a statesman and a politician - it manages all of whatever she was taken. Today, she performs the duties of UNESCO's special envoy, tomorrow - speaking at the forum the "Alliance of Civilizations" in Rio de Janeiro. And the title of legislator Arab world fashion Sheikh Mozah is with the elegance and splendor of this woman -. A great, strong and exciting

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