"Down with the hijab and the burqa" - First Lady of Qatar Breaks secular foundations of the Muslim World!

East - a delicate matter, and it is difficult for Europeans to understand the traditions and customs, which is revered in the Arab world. In particular, for us is a savagery that Muslim women are forced to wear the veil and put up with polygamy, as well as strongly prejudiced in their rights.

However, in the Islamic world I found a woman who dared to challenge the age-old foundations. Emir of Qatar's wife not only took off the veil and the hijab, but also actively involved in politics!

This heroine named Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned. It is considered the most influential woman of the East. A Forbes magazine included it in the hundred most influential women in the world.


Moza history deserves special attention. After World fame came to her not once!


When Mose was eighteen, she was lucky enough. She met with the Crown Prince Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, and slipped between love spark. While most of the girls on the site Moza tried to be as soon as possible to get married, she was determined to first get a proper education.


The heroine of our story arrived in Qatar University, where she studied psychology. And then he trained in the United States several prestigious institutions.


Just received an excellent education, Moza finally married. The first years after the wedding, she was completely devoted to his family. However, if she was not the appropriate conditions to express themselves. After all, Qatar at that time had no authority today among the Arab states, Moza and her husband had not yet ascended the throne.


Everything changed in 1995. Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani made a bloodless coup and replaced as head of state by his own father. The new emir took a course of rapprochement with the West and has held a number of reforms. Qatar has received support from the leading countries of the world, and with him were considered.


The change of the political situation has become a chance to prove himself Moza. Although the account she was the second wife of the Emir, but, thanks to his excellent education, easily became the first lady of the country.


Our heroine is not only accompanied her husband on business trips. She entrusted to conduct several humanitarian programs. Each year the authority Moza became more and more.


First Mozah not much retreated from the canons of female clothes that prevails in Islam. But gradually her wardrobe became increasingly fashionable. First Lady of Qatar can be seen in the attire of the world's leading fashion designers.


Often Moz wore in trouser suits that became a sensation. The only thing that reminds us of its Eastern origin, a small, stylish scarf, which she covers her head.


Looking at the magnetic memory is hard to believe that she was already 56 years old, and she gave birth to seven children!


But the main merit of our heroine is still not in appearance. Sheikha Mozah holds a number of important national and international posts. Among other things, she is the head of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, the President of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs and Vice President of the Supreme Council on Education. And she holds the post of UNESCO special envoy.


While Moza husband three years ago, withdrew from public affairs, handing over the reins to his son, but our heroine is still considered the First Lady of Qatar.


Reading the history of Moza, it's hard not to admire this woman.


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