10 inspiring examples of what should never give up

As often happens, the problems, without asking permission, literally burst into our lives and make it black and white, sometimes mottled seroburomalinovoy. For kogo-to is a temporary phase, and for kogo-to - change for life. Website wants to share with you the stories of the lives of ordinary people faced with life is not very pleasant surprises and managed to take them with dignity.

Nick Vuychich

living without arms and legs, the man with the incredible strength of mind not only depressed, and has become a unique proof, as in any situation, even the most difficult and, at first opinion, absolutely desperate, you can find yourself and become a happy man. Nick plays golf, surfing, acts as a speaker, travels around the world, and recently for the second time he has become a father. And when the children are on the streets asking him what had happened to him, he confidently replied: "All because of the cigarette!»

Bill Porter

When there is a purpose and that it is important to achieve her wish, the disease will cease to be an obstacle. Bill Porter, born suffering from cerebral palsy, wanted to work in sales. And he got his way, later becoming one of the best sellers of America. His fortitude is dedicated to the film "The door to the door» (Door to Door, 2002), which is necessary to look to people for some reason think that they are not set up for what would like to do in life.

Eugene Smirnov

For the dancer's nothing worse than lose the opportunity to dance. And what a professional dancer, if he lost a leg in a traffic accident? Continue to dance! Evgeny Smirnov, Russian champion break dance, did just that, despite the fact that he had to learn to dance again. His performance at one of the dance show was a great example of not only the strength of the human spirit, but also the fact that you can dance to incredibly cool and without one leg

Olesya Vladykina

Look at this charming and beautiful girl. In 20 years, the share of Olesya Vladykina fell hard test: accident in Thailand robbed the girl not only the left hand, but also a friend. This event changed the lives of Olesya, but do not put an end: after she twice was successfully launched at the Paralympic Games, having won first place and set a world record. By the way, from the prosthesis she refused (he was "terribly uncomfortable") and perfectly does everything with one hand.

Sylvester Stallone

Do you think that a great actor can only be at the ideal appearance, so that, God forbid, there were no flaws? Nothing like this! And if you think so, you do not know the story of Sylvester Stallone. As a result of birth trauma left side of his face devoid of facial expressions, mouth slightly cocked, Area century omitted partially paralyzed tongue (due to last from Stallone bit difficult speech). Now tell me: Is it prevented him from becoming one of the greatest actors of our time

Andrea Bochelli

? Blindness deprives a person of the ability to see the world, but do not feel it. Perhaps this helps to Italian Andrea Bocelli, the blind executor of classical and popular music, through my songs to share with the audience a fascinating and inspiring energy. Andrea Bocelli recently happily married for the second time and is the father of three children, grateful life. According to him, even if he is deprived of the "outside" view, but he can see the "inner vision».

Madeline Styuart

When you have a dream, no sickness will be on the road to its implementation. Madeline Stuart Down Syndrome wanted to get on the podium as a model. And she did it! Of course, we had to try: she took up sports and lost 20 kg, then a long time trying to get into the modeling agencies, which were in no hurry to adopt the ranks of female models, "with a twist". But Madeline has achieved his aim: it has signed a major contract with the brand «Manifesta», representing the sports clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. And recently she performed at New York Fashion Week. Dreams come true, if you really want it.

Victoria Dyuval

An athlete is always a sportsman. This proven 20-year-old American tennis player Victoria Duval, who won Hodgkin's lymphoma, returned to training and is already successfully performed on one of the largest tennis Grand Slam tournaments. But it seems to us that Victoria has already won its major competitions, where she was an ardent opponent disease, and victory was the life of the most valuable reward.

Chantel Brown Yang

The beauty of this model is really unusual: as a child Chantelle was found violation of skin pigmentation throughout the body, the medical language of "vitiligo". With an excellent figure and beautiful facial features, she decided to turn this disadvantage into advantage; As a result, it is now well-known model. "There are dark-skinned and white-skinned people, and I fit perfectly into both categories," - so humorously describes his appearance Chantelle. And rightly so!

Xenia Bezuglova

Mother of two children, the winner of the Italian beauty contest among the Vertical kolyasochnits, social activist, aims to make the environment accessible to people in wheelchairs, people simply rejoicing life and still having a bunch of plans, it's all about Xenia Bezuglova. This woman with incredible strength of spirit and inexhaustible optimism shining example of what life in a wheelchair is, and even what!

< P. S.

Yes, life loves a person feel the strength, and quite often. But in spite of all her whims, sometimes insane and unjust, it is damn amazing. Even in situations where life is divided into "before" and "after", there is a great option, too, give her a surprise -! < show their resistance and become happy

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