MAIN REASONS waste of energy ...

MAIN REASONS waste energy on the level of physical BODY:
 - Energorastratnye posture: stoop, kyphosis, or excessive looseness in the position of the body.
 - Illness, especially chronic and accompanied by pain or any other negative effects.
 - Unconscious muscle clamps.
 - Sharp and chaotic motions unconsciously copying of the nearby energy vampire: the majority of disco dancing, unconscious imitation of gait and posture of the body of another person.

MAIN reason to spend an energy level of the etheric body:
 - Improper breathing: no rhythmic breathing, breath longer exhalation (normally should be vice versa), mouth breathing, etc.
 - Lack of contact with nature and fresh air.
 - Identification of the state of low power and tone impression that weakness will last forever.
MAIN reason to spend an energy level of the astral body:
 - Negative emotions: aggression, anger, envy, lust, depression, pessimism, depression, etc.
 - Conflicting desires, tearing a man to pieces.
 - Internal conflicts involving emotions, addiction, attachment, etc.
 - The presence of unresolved problems in the past.
 - Emotional clips and injury.
 - Negative emotions of others aimed at a person.
 - Not a sound sleep or sleep disorders: insomnia, nightmares, excessive or insufficient sleep, sleep is not the proper time, for example, in the afternoon, late recovery and going to bed late.

MAIN reason to spend an energy level of the mental body:
 - Restless mind, an excessive amount of thinking and an inability to understand themselves not identified with them.
 - Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions.
 - Excessive dive into their own dreams and dreams.
 - Thinking about that for you it does not matter, for example, addressing the distant future or empty thoughts about the past.

 - Healthy lifestyle: day regimen, diet, exercise, and sleep. Healthy food and avoiding intoxicants.
 - The cure diseases, or at least some progress on this path.
 - The use of various cleansing: fasting, decoctions of herbs, yoga cleansing methods (shankhaprakshalana Haji Kriya, etc.), cleansing the liver, kidneys, blood, lymph, etc.
 - Practice relaxation meditation to relieve muscle clips (see. Jose Silva books or nidra yoga).
 - Practice eastern disciplines: Hatha yoga, tai chi chuan, tai chi, qigong, etc.

Accumulation of an energy level of the etheric body:
 - Awareness of breath and mild attempts to send it in the right direction: the breath of the nose, not your mouth, exhale longer than inhalation, etc.
 - Living in harmony with nature and frequent exposure to fresh air.
 - Ability to remain calm while lowering the tone and not to identify with him.
 - The practice of various energy disciplines involving concentration on the chakras and other points of the body to master the subtle energy.

Accumulation of an energy level of the astral body:
 - The ability to maintain high spirits almost constant, regardless of the circumstances and events in life.
 - Overcoming addiction to negative emotions. You can use a variety of psychological and spiritual practices.
 - Study of emotional trauma and clips.
 - Emotional openness and positive interaction with people.
 - Termination of communication with negative people and energy vampires.
 - Development of a divine love for all beings.

Accumulation of an energy level of the mental body:
 - The practice of meditation, trataka, awareness of your thoughts throughout the day.
 - Stop unnecessary and negative thoughts.
 - Monitoring the thoughts and as a result - the ability rastozhdestvlyat himself with thoughts (realize that I - not thinking).
 - Understanding that every thought pulls the karmic consequences.


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