... The one and only incredibly simple principle: It is transferred in your mind for millions of years ago, imagine you live in the wild in hot Africa, sleeping in the open air and still have no idea how, and most importantly, why use a fire.

Here you wake up at dawn, drank some water from a nearby live fontanelle, and then you decide what would be nice to eat. Think that will make you an appetite first vizualnoSoglasites that when we look at the birds or animals, we do not think: "Oh, what's on the meadow, grazing telenochek delicious, would have took a bite!ยป

And that's exactly what we intended by nature itself as a power, just naturally attracts us and with the help of bright colors, shapes, smells and tastes. This, of course, all sorts of coloring fruits with which nature indicates: 'Sesh me and disseminated as widely as possible my seeds' (fruit - it's not only fruit, but also vegetables), then the same principle in the berries, then herbs, nuts and seeds.

That's just, going to the supermarket or market, ask yourself: 'What is this I could come up and disrupt the tree \ shrub and then eating a' (that I would attract visually, then the smell and, of course, to taste ) Orange apelsinkaKonechno! Sauerkraut kapustkaStop, stop, in the nature of the process of fermentation, ie fermentation - it is a sign of decomposition \ processing bacteria, then do not. Tuber potatoes

Our distant ancestors would dig up the roots in the extreme case, when very well with fruits nepruha \ berries and herbs. "Super-fast zamorozochka 'preserves all the fruit vitaminy'- stop, stop, in the wild in Africa, I would not have plucked from the tree frozen fruit. This is so simple and natural principle can be used when selecting products.

Most importantly, each individually fruktik or vegetable was delicious for you, fresh and sure to bring pleasure. Try to eat slowly and in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying the taste of each piece. Pamper yourself, because you, your body, your soul - it is the most precious thing you have! And remember that helping yourself, you are helping others. I wish you lots of luck and sweet fruit on your way.


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