"Wait for me and I will come back"

Wait for me, and I will be back.
Only a very wait,
Wait when
induce sadness Yellow rain,
Wait when snow swept,
Wait, when the heat,
Wait when others do not wait,
Forgetting yesterday.
Wait, when from faraway places
Letters will not come,
Wait, when too tired
Anyone who waits together.

Wait for me, and I will be back,
Do not wish good
Anyone who knows the heart,
What time to forget.
Let believe
son and mother In fact, there is no me,
Let your friends get tired of waiting,
Sit by the fire,
Drink bitter wine
At the mention of the soul ...
Wait. And at the same time with them
Drink do not rush.

Wait for me, and I will be back,
All deaths of spite.
Who is not waiting for me, let him
He will say: - Lucky
. Do not understand, do not they waited,
As among
fire Waiting for your
You saved me.
How I survived, we know
Just you and me - just that you know how to wait,
Like no one else.


Author: Konstantin Simonov
Photos on the preview: © Anita Wąsik

via www.facebook.com/AnitaWasikPhotography/photos/pb.470452799692617.-2207520000.1455965597./730477063690188/?type=3&theater


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