If the husband does not want to develop spiritually

I am often asked, what if the husband does not want to grow spiritually, and I want to? This is a big problem. And there are no easy answers. But you can tell a story Pishima sisters Prabhupada. She also received initiation from Bhaktisidhanty Saraswati. She married not very spiritually developed person. And her husband, as the majority of Bengalis love fish. And Pishima for him every day to prepare it. In a separate bowl, and she cooked vegetarian food for themselves. She did not complain, and quite humbly continued to serve her husband and no one to disturb. Indian culture in this matter so severe that she had to continue to act in this way because of divorce as such does not exist. Her husband was very foolish, short-tempered man. But she continued to humbly serve him, she had her children from him. And she sang the holy names of God every day for nesklko hours. She silently developed their consciousness of God, without trying to change anything. And after many, many years, by the end of her life her husband finally realized what a bastard he is. He came to realize that his wife actually holy woman. And he radically changed.
You can also give a general council. Do not rush into disappointment immediately sever all relations. Do not think that if you threw a husband or wife, it means that you are very advanced. In the "Bhagavad Gita" is the renunciation is not recommended. If a person feels that his responsibilities too burdensome, and because of that rejects them, then this kind of renunciation is called renunciation in the mode of passion and from this, the so-called renunciation, people never get the fruit, which is found by those who truly renounce .


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