"Dear Mother, I've never said to you"

Website moved tender letter to my mother, who published Alajmo Jill (Jill Alaimo) - a student, a blogger and a wonderful daughter.

After reading it think about it, why do we so rarely speak words of love and gratitude to our friends, it's so important. Let's be sure today, maybe now we tell our mothers as we love them and appreciate.

Dear Mother!

< I never said you did not, but I am very grateful to you. You gave me life, and every moment taking care of me, and gave all my love and tenderness. < br>
You've always been an example for me to follow, which can only dream girl. Whatever I've done, you will always know how to find the words that made me think about his actions. I know that you want only the best for me. And although I do not show it, but I always feel a sense of boundless gratitude and love for you. Without you I would just get lost in this vast world.

< You have taught me a lot , and until now, when I have difficulties, I'm going to help you. You taught me to distinguish good from bad. It does not matter whether it was just a horrible clothes I wore 16 years old, or something more serious. You taught me to listen, understand and love. Your words always help me make the right decision. Thank you for what you are there and protect me.

< Your love inspires me. Do you know how to cheer me up when I'm sad. You send me a sms "I love you" for no reason. Are you pleased to talk about anything. When I have a bad day, one minute spent near you, makes me forget all the troubles.

< I know you're always telling me the truth. It does not matter, I want to hear it or no. After all, you always know what to do better, and you want to make sure that I do know. I trust your advice, because only you feel me better than others. And that's what I love about you.

Thank you for what you're my biggest fan. You're always there and frankly delish with me all the joys and failures. Whether on the street rain, sun, snow, a hurricane or an earthquake, I know I can count on you. And to be honest, it's the best feeling in the world.

< You are the most intelligent. Whatever question arose at me, you always know the answer. They say that all mothers know, and this is true. I do not know how you do it, but your brain amazes me.

And finally, I want to tell you Thank you for what you are my best friend. Without your help I would not be who I am today. I'm the happiest girl in the world, because I have such a mother. And even if we argue sometimes, we still remain the most expensive people for each other.

I just want you to know that you're the best mom in the world, and I hope that someday I can be even half like you.

I love you!

Your little girl via www.elinaellis.com/


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