18 mini-series, from which it is impossible to break away

How often do I want to look good to tell a story, and to get involved in a long series view having a few seasons, there is no time and effort.

For this case, Website is a collection of mini-series that will brighten your evening.

Lucifer, 2016 h3> Lucifer

The first series merged literally blew up the Internet. No wonder - the magnificent, stunning humor, elegant music and twisted storyline. 40 minutes of the series pass unnoticed, leaving a tangible feeling of hunger - when will the next

In the flesh, 2013 h3> In the flesh

A new look at the zombie apocalypse - to cure a man returns to his hometown and tries to cope with the memories of the past zombicheskom

Sherlock, 2010 h3> Sherlock

Entangled history of the modern Sherlock Holmes - he is energetic, attractive and able to send SMS. In tandem with the indispensable ironic Dr. Watson reveal any complicated case.

Dancing on the verge of 2013 h3> Dancing on the edge

The story of a group of black jazz musicians marching to success in 1930, full of xenophobia and prejudice.

The Godfather 1977 h3> The Godfather

Golden collection of cinema - the first two films, which have not included in the movie version of the stage

North and South 2005 h3> North and South

The popularity of this mini-series was shocked BBC itself. A screen adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell stories about the confrontation of different parts of a measured Anglii- refined the South and the North energetic production.

Titanic, 1996 h3> Titanic

In the year ahead of the famous painting by Cameron's film is much deeper reveals the human drama that unfolds on board of the luxury liner - the Titanic. A beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones will not leave anyone indifferent.

The Lost Room, 2006 h3> The lost room

Mysticism and psychedelic. If you liked the film adaptation of "1408" by Stephen King, you here.

Clan Kennedy, 2011 h3> The Kennedys

The story of one of the most influential families of America. Political intrigue, power struggles and ordinary people that influenced the destiny of the whole world.

The Chronicles of Shannara, 2016 h3> The Shannara Chronicles

A screen adaptation of one of the books by Terry Brooks. Fans of "The Lord of the Rings" must watch - elves, dwarves, magic and, of course, with the all-powerful evil struggle

Hatfields & McCoys, 2012 h3> Hatfields & McCoys

The real story of the bloody feud of two clans, nearly led to war between the states of Kentucky and West Virginia. Motto "Never forgive. Never forget, "alluding to the fact that Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is not the case here. Do they have a pair of revolvers.

Generation Kill, 2008 h3> Generation kill

The war in Iraq in 2003 through the eyes of ordinary foot soldiers, drawn into a military confrontation.

Casanova 2005 h3> Casanova

The interpretation of the legend of the great seducer, served quickly and with humor. However, I can not help feeling that the Tardis somewhere nearby.

Pillars of the Earth, 2010 h3> The pillars of the Earth

Canadian ribbon representing England XII century. Lovers of historic movie must watch.

Politicians, 2013 h3> Political Animals

Former First Lady of the United States, decided to go into politics, paving the way to power, and brilliant Sigourney Weaver makes one believe in her every gesture.

The collapse is unacceptable: saving Wall Street, 2011 h3> Too big to fail

The picture, which tells about the financial collapse of 2008 and the people who were in the midst of it. As they say, in the dark times better seen bright people.

Poldark 2015 h3> Poldark

Smiling Keeley of "The Hobbit" is reincarnated in a decisive and sharp Ross Poldark. Each man lives conqueror and the conqueror of the world - he needed only a worthy goal for which to fight. And landscapes of stunning beauty, forced to stop browsing and to consider all this splendor.

The night manager, 2016 h3> The night manager

The story of the introduction in the criminal syndicate agent. Tom Hiddleston, brilliantly embodied the treacherous Loki, and Hugh Laurie, who gave us Dr. House, come together in a battle of the century.

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