14 kitchen tricks that will simplify your life

tips from experienced housewives - it's just some kind of an inexhaustible fount of wisdom. Simple things that we did not know, but that greatly simplify life in the kitchen.

< Website published 14 tips that will help save time when cooking all sorts of goodies and keep food fresh for a long time.

To Cake longer remained soft h3>

Close the cut-off places on the cake slices of bread and secure with toothpicks. Will grow stale bread and cake will be fresh and tasty.

Fish on the grill without money lattice h3>

To grilled fish from sticking to the grill, place the fillet on lemon slices. This will give extra flavor, and you do not have a long and tedious scrape fish off the grill.

The ideal potato wedges h3>

Cut the trim and beautiful potato slices using yablokorezki. Quick and easy!

Easy to clean ginger h3>

Use to clean ginger teaspoon. You get a great piece of peeled ginger with almost no waste.

To eggs stored for longer h3> ​​

Lubricate the egg shells with vegetable oil before you put them away in the fridge. So they will stay fresh for a few weeks longer.

To not darkened bananas h3>

Wrap the banana root in plastic wrap. They will begin to blacken 3-5 days later.

Fast soften frozen butter h3>

To soften the butter out of the fridge, heat up a glass and put it on a piece of butter. Under the glass, it is soft after a few minutes, and you can easily use it.

Save cookie fresh h3>

Crispy cookies are delicious, but only if they have to be. But if they just dried up? To avoid this, put a slice of apple with biscuits.

Ice cubes with lemon for the hot days h3>

Ice lemon slices in ice cubes. And you will have a cool refreshing drink. Just for the summer or a hot party.

To remove a bone from a cherry h3>

Clean the cherries from the bones with the help of a bottle and straw. Place the cherries in the neck of the bottle and squeeze the knuckle of her. The stone hit the bottle, and the net will remain in the hands of the cherry. A brilliant way to!

What to do with candied honey h3>

If sugar honey, then melt it in a pan with hot water. So he again becomes liquid and does not lose its beneficial properties.

To the garlic and onions are moldy h3>

Keep the onions and garlic in a pierced paper bag. So they do not spoil.

To not sluggish greens h3>

Parsley, dill, basil, green onions and other greens to be stored for much longer, if you wrap them with plastic wrap and put in a form in the refrigerator.

Peel the garlic for a few seconds? Easy! H3>

To quickly peel the garlic, put it in a jar or other closed dishes and shake vigorously. Voila! As it turned out, this product is able to purify itself.

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