"Quickly raised not considered to have fallen" as a scientific fact

You may not want to eat food that was raised from the floor. However, the well-known "five-second rule" really works, however, subject to one condition: the surface of the product itself and the surface to which it has fallen, must be dry.

During the show, dedicated to the "five-second rule," a NASA engineer Mike Mihama offered to strangers in the park cookies, which then "accidentally" dropped to the ground. Only one person as a result decided to try a meal.
It is true that the bacteria "jump" on the food as soon as it touches the surface. However, only in the event that any food or surface -. Damp
Wet food for 30 seconds in time to collect 10 times more bacteria than the one picked up after three seconds.
E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria love a moist environment. They absorb moisture and use it for reproduction and growth.

It is much safer to drop food on the carpet, because the contact area with a lint-free, non-smooth surface is minimal. Consequently, the possibility of transfer of bacteria is also not so great.

But in any case, if you drop dry food on a dry surface, then you have some time before it occupied the bacteria. Five-second rule really works.

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