20 shocking fact, after reading that you will feel old

While it is known inexorably and sometimes not easy flowing and literally flies at supersonic speed. Events that seemed to have occurred just recently, when we look at our share of the years and decades. Here are 20 very unexpected facts read that you can really feel very old. Poehali.Itak, start with something easier. All of you remember this charming boy?

And many even see what it looks like Macaulay Culkin today. This in itself is already zhutko.

After all, since the first movie "Home Alone" has passed 26 let.

But much more interesting by the fact that now Macaulay Culkin is already older than Daniel Stern, who played the role at the time of Marwa sёmok.

Daniel himself is now 58.

And here's some childhood idols - Agents Mulder and Scully. The first season of the series "The X-Files" was released in '23 nazad.

In 2015, the series restarted, but new agents learn the former can be a great trudom.

Remember our series "The Streets of broken lamps"? Since its premiere has passed 19 let.

That's one of the main characters of the series - Alexey Nilov, who plays the role of Captain Larin. He was already 52 goda.

And this is his daughter Elizabeth. She is now almost the same as it was at the time very Alexey began filming seriala.

Speaking of daughters, remember that forever young, rebellious young man, idol of many teenagers start zero?

Yes, the same Eminem. The guy has already long been grown. He is now, terrible to say, 43 goda.

And this is his daughter. Last year, she finished shkolu.

However, there is far to go, yet I understood this sweet little miracle juice from advertising?

Meanwhile, the girl had already turned 19 years old.

Let's try to dig a little deeper. Familiar face? Yes, that Marty McFly, who never came to us in 2015 m.

Then Michael J. Fox was 24. Now exactly 30 years bolshe.

How about otvyaznyh guys in the band Red Hot Chili Peppers, remember what they used to do crazy things at concerts?

For some, maybe it will be a shock, but Anthony Kiedis for 53 years. B>

In fairness it must be said that they are still all annealed as well as in his youth.

And finally, let us remember one of the world's best comedians Jim Carrey. Here he is in the movie "The Mask" '22 nazad.

And now, when he was already in '54. B>

Jim, seriously, it's not funny. Ceases to grow old!

: Fishki.net

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