Higher Self. Mike Quincy

Events relating to your future and designed for your benefit, continue to occur mostly invisible to you.

However, for this year will come a time when you will learn about the benefits brought by them. It is known that in the first place, do you think the revaluation of currencies, and it took a long time to unite the country in order to agree to the changes.

Now enough of those, who are ready to move forward, and that progress had never been achieved. Therefore, you can be assured that the revaluation is in the final stage.

Meanwhile, more inventions is published, and only a matter of time when they will be announced. Believe that change is in full swing, and everything had gone too far to be stopped.

Methods for obtaining the free energy of steel for a certain time, and will now be invented even more devices. The time is approaching their full availability and use, but the Illuminati are still trying to prevent them from spreading.

It will remain at this level, because your evolution can not be delayed indefinitely.

Hard times ahead inevitable as major changes occur that will change your lifestyle. If previously you had to constantly do hard monotonous work, then in the future you will be spared from this.

A great change, which will raise your quality of life to a level that was to be made as early as the end of the last century. You will see that in a relatively short time, you'll go fast forward until you reach a level that will set you free of the old patterns of struggle.

The most pleasant and welcome change - that's what you believe in world peace and the fruits of your labors will bring universal benefit. To achieve the ultimate goal, you will be able to follow their own interests, needs time and financial resources.

Life will be very different from that to which you are accustomed to today. More Mother Earth is not a planet of imprisonment, and a curfew, under which you have lived, over time, will be removed.

You become free souls and able to freely follow their own path.

For those of you who carries the light, continue to rise, you will distance themselves from those who are trying to overcome his dark energy. They will experience the fact that trying to impose your civilization and will be isolated from the rest of humanity.

By your standards, perhaps, it took a long time to reach this point in your evolution, but in reality, it is only a "blink of an eye».

You got full benefit from this experience in a short time. Of course, all of you must have experienced some problems, but there is no faster way to evolution. So, what you have learned, prepared you for something more, and your sword of Life hardened your events.

Take a look at every problem as an opportunity to raise your vibration, and know that you will never encounter a situation that can not cope. Therefore, if you are currently involved in a fight, you know that you can achieve success.

Also, remember that you do not go through life alone, and there is always the dear souls that accompany you and help you whenever possible. But know that assistance will be provided only if you ask for it, and will not be imposed against your free will.

We know that many of you are, for various reasons suffer from various diseases or have health problems.

I believe that good health very soon will be the norm, and healing will be available to every soul. In fact, it will be instant healing, which is also able to restore broken or lost limbs.

Future brings you a lot of surprises and will fill you with joy. God has always promised that after the completion of the current cycle, you return to the higher realms, to begin an era of eternal love and perfection.

Be the ones who help the manifestation of the New Age and helps others to go the same way. Love and send other people to success.

Keep in mind that all your thoughts help to establish the nature of future events of your life. Do not underestimate the power of thought, because you, the people of Earth themselves determine their own future.

So try sosredotivachitsya on what is good and helps humanity to follow the path of Light. Your leaders, of course, working on this and will do everything possible to help you keep your goal in sight.

Under the current circumstances, there will always be distractions that can lead you astray. Encourage your leaders, when necessary, and they will help you sometimes can feel their presence, and it is very soothing.

Recent events show that when you are having high hopes, you tend to feel frustrated if they are not implemented quickly enough. Give time to complete the changes, and you will soon learn about this.

You will not be disappointed, and as soon as those who hinder them, no longer able to exert its influence, the changes will begin to manifest. Once the remnants of the old cycle will be deleted, start a great period of growth and development.

A lot has to happen, and nothing can stop it, the whole world will welcome the appearance of the New Earth.

Every soul will be influential, no matter where it skidded journey, and many dare something new. Eventually, you will open up entirely new opportunities, as you establish yourself as a Galactic Being.

Even now you it is given a greater understanding of the universe, which opens for you. It is full of life, who, like you, to develop a greater understanding of what all - it is part of a whole
There are many different forms of life in many universes around you. Some are very different from you, but go on the road, which ensures the continuation of their development. The man - a relatively new type, which is ready to move into the higher dimensions
there is a "war" between the forces of Light and Darkness At the highest level. But, despite the fact that their actions have limited dark refuses to give up.

Their struggle must lead to their defeat, as they can no longer use all the weapons that have accumulated. They are doomed, but still clinging to the hope of success, losing power to determine the final result.

They are blind to the defeat, but not as you imagine, because the light will not use violence. The end of the old ways of confrontation is close, but still a lot needs to be done before the announcement of full peace.

The era of the world is approaching, thanks to your dedication to the Light and all that it represents. Let Love and Light always stay with you.

This message is sent by my Higher Self I leave you with love and blessings, and let the light illuminate your days and the way to completion.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quincy.


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