Kuwait - a country where you can not repay loans

Phenomenal country that 25 years ago a neighbor mercilessly burned out and mix with the ground. Here today skyscrapers are growing faster than mushrooms, sale super expensive and exclusive cars ahead of all conceivable projections and almost all citizens of the country holding the servants. < Website I want to introduce you to Kuwait, a country which many people do not know and I can not find it on the world map. But for now, Kuwait is among the seven richest countries in terms of per capita income and standard of living of the population itself.

reason for the phenomenal wealth and high standard of living in this country is simple - it is oil. Agriculture in Kuwait not. Due to the oil every Kuwaiti GDP in 2015 amounted to more than $ 30,000 (in Russia - $ 8,400), so that the country can afford a lot.

The entire oil industry is owned by the state - it has been selected by the British after gaining independence emirate in 1961, and now not a single drop of oil does not go past the Emirates coffers. Obtained as much as you need for a comfortable existence.

The emir gave the Kuwaitis a number of benefits: free education (and for gifted paid training in the leading universities of the world), free treatment in any country, interest-free loans for housing from the state (the Koran forbids making money on money, t. E. To borrow at interest).

Unemployment benefit is $ 800, and the minimum wage in the public sector - $ 2,500. The average salary of migrant workers - $ 1,000.

At the wedding the groom is given a loan of 70,000 dinars ($ 240 thousand), repayment of which is deducted from the salary of 20 dinars per month! The construction of your own home state provides loans up to $ 1 million., Which is usually enough for the house with all the amenities of five rooms.
But most importantly - when oil becomes more expensive on the world market, the emir forgive all debts and all the loans are written off. So Kuwaitis downright pray that oil prices went up again.

However, there are important "but» - privileges apply only to 1, 1 million. People of almost 3, 5 million people in the emirate. The ancestors of a million had documents about living here since 1927, when they were defined borders Kuwait. They have a blue passport.
All other local referred to as "bedoun" (about 200 thousand people), they have a "gray" non-citizen passport, which gives a right to live in Kuwait, but to work in the administration, to serve in the army or the police do not take them. They can wait for the mercy of the Emir for decades on major holidays which grants citizenship to people 20-30. Can obtain citizenship and an alien, but only for special services, such a feat in the war.

As a result, almost every citizen of Kuwait is not enough that is rich and can not particularly worry about their future, the roof over your head and fruits on the table, so also has a personal servant. If you go to the market or the store can see, both impressively paced between rows of trade in white dishdashas man or woman in black hijab is often followed by a servant with a trolley. The owner simply indicates exactly which fruit he liked, and pays the seller, and the servant adds buying bags and wear them.

To understand how much money people have, just go to any jewelry shop or a giant mall. In the shops you will find virtually no fine gold chains or small rings. Instead, all the walls are covered with solid gold belt with a price of 10 thousand dollars and above, and in showcases lie rings with large diamonds and other precious stones.

For example, this ornament is 14, 5 thousand dollars. Given that many women wear the hijab, and can not even show it to others. Only at home, and only to her husband ...

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