10 unusual country, which welcomes Female Obesity

There is hardly a person who graced the excessive obesity, not to mention the people with the problem of obesity. The first extra weight is not aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly, that extra weight is harmful to the body or health of the whole person. Women lifelong struggle for a beautiful figure to look attractive in the eyes of men and remain healthy. But it turns out there are a number of countries in which women prefer to lean excessively well-fed women with obesity.


http://ax-d.pixfuture.net/w/1.0/afr?auid=538125168&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE video> On the small island of Tonga in the South Pacific, was considered a great beauty of the physical dimensions. This, combined with a fat, nutrient-poor imported foods and lack of physical activity has given rise to a nation in the grip of obesity.

From 140,000 inhabitants of the island of 100,000 adults - are overweight. Several studies released in 2004, the North American Association for the Study of Obesity, indicate that the inhabitants of the island of Tonga - are genetically predisposed to be complete. Addiction to women's fullness and rooted in local customs and heredity.



Kuwait in the Middle East - it's not only the richest oil fields in the country, it is also certain people. Cardiovascular disease - a leading cause of death in this country, and 52% of Kuwaiti women older than 15 years are obese. Historically, these desert nomads fatness considered a sign of health and wealth, and this trend - can clearly be seen to this day. In a country where women's development taboo, wives often regarded only as decorative elements, which are used to fill the house. And the longer a woman - the richer the house.


The leaders of this once isolated island sought to connect it to the rest of the world, and as a result of the diet Fijians were high calorie foods.

The customs of this nation of South Pacific revolve around begging food to others, to demonstrate prosperity. This, combined with a lack of awareness of health risks has led to the fact that the majority of Fiji's population suffers from excess weight. However, they are not only thick - they are happy. Large waist - has long been revered in the woman as a sign of health, wealth and fertility.


Given the fact that 65% of Jamaican women are classified as full, there is a perfect beach body has a size nearly twice the medical standards. National feature women of this island - a large hips and buttocks, a condition known as "steatopyga" (t. E. Excess fat deposits in the buttocks).

A study conducted in 1993 in rural areas of Jamaica showed that the harmony there - is associated with sadness, and excess weight - with happiness, kindness and social harmony. Consequently, there is a tablet market that caters to young women who want to gain weight.


As the country abandoned its pacific diet of tubers and fish to food that became popular during the Second World War, the body weight in Samoa - began to grow.

However, obesity is not a new phenomenon: the natives suffer from food shortages for many centuries, and biological anthropologists believe that the Samoans - genetically "programmed" to store the extra calories in fat tissue. This natural tendency leads to a large population of people and, consequently, larger women here - are the norm.

South Africa

Because HIV prevalence of weight loss is associated with the disease, as a result - in South Africa formed a negative attitude to harmony.

Centuries correlation between heavy weight and great wealth were not able to overcome even the European idea of ​​the perfect body size, which appeared in the post-apartheid era. More women are still loved for their weight, which is given to an intuitive preference, as a measure of health and financial status.


For centuries, full of Afghan women were valued for being strongly contrasted with the sterile environment. Women's fertility among the nomads, vlachaschih a miserable existence in the desert - is strongly associated with the accumulation of excess kilos. Paranzhu, for the most part, it conceals the precise contours of the female body, but a round face with soft features here is the object of desire.


On the island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia, there was a local custom "ha'apori." Literally it means "to fatten". Young women were fed, and then gives the leader that it - could appreciate their beauty and fertility. Veneration of obesity is going on here today, in part - due to a diet rich in coconut milk, and carbohydrates. Women in Tahiti still love their round faces and rounded shapes.


The government of Nauru is well known not only to the world's highest levels of diabetes in 31%, it is famous for the fact that covers obesity. 14 000 people living in this small island in the South Pacific, completeness associated with beauty and fertility.

Women - fattened to prepare for the birth of children and men - for competitions in force. Phosphate deposits covering most of the island, prevent large-scale agriculture. Imports of fresh produce continues to be unprofitable, so that the cheapest, but leading to obesity products are imported from New Zealand and Australia.


It has people living in drought-stricken West Africa, the fullness of women - a synonym of beauty and wealth. Although sometimes forced power (denoted by the word «gavage», borrowed from the French language. The word refers to the process of forced feeding goose whose liver then goes on foie gras) is still practiced here, and young girls - absorb a huge amount of fat camel milk daily. < br />

Women are not able to convert an amount of fat in kilograms, and can not work permanently as a "fat farm", so have to take antihistamines and steroids animal to stimulate the appetite. Exercises - not approved, and a woman after the birth of children often get divorced, as are unable to maintain the old, huge amounts of body.


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