Why live well in Kuwait

Kuwait - one of the richest countries in the world. Huge oil reserves make it possible to live and in what does not deny. Spending money is nowhere specifically, the size of Kuwait a little more of the Kaliningrad region, and is home to only 3.5 million people, including citizens of the country is only 1 million. Among the golden million and distributed oil revenues. For example:

At the wedding the young receive a gift from the state 000 $ 250 (according to other sources of 15 000 $) salaries of doctors or teachers $ 15,000 (it should be noted here that the local ordinary doctors do not work, and only occupy managerial positions) making local land is worth a penny , mortgage $ 250,000 can be obtained at 0%. Probably half of the loan in 5-10 years you just prostyat.Meditsina and education besplatny.Esli you want to study abroad, the government will pay for your flight training and will give scholarships to $ 2,000 .If Kuwaiti ill and he can not be cured at home, the government will pay treatment in any country of the patient, as well as all maintenance costs rodstvennikami.Posobie per child is $ 200, pay him until the kid under 26 (twenty six) let.Posobie for a divorced woman $ 1,400 a month until she finds rabotu.Minimalnaya a pension of $ 3000 in 2007, the Government of ordinary citizens loans by 1 billion dollarovInogda just handing out money, for example in honor of the 50th anniversary of independence of all distributed to 3 $ 500 last year, everyone could a year to receive free basic products (rice, oil chicken, etc.). The monthly allowance for a degree: Master - $ 700 doctor - One-time $ 1,400 award to teachers for the experience - the salary for 18 months. For men 30 years continuous service for women 25 let.Bonusov do a lot, on average, every Kuwaiti gets top salary for another 50% due bonusov.Vse these bonuses only apply to citizens of Kuwait. 70% of the population - disenfranchised migrant workers who serve the "golden million". To obtain citizenship it is practically impossible.

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