2003-2005, Iraq.

Tale of kakya traveled to Iraq.
How it all began ... Yes, no) After serving in the disarmed Forces of Ukraine, laid a half years, was "a contract", as there were rumors that it will be possible to go to a paid tourist trip, due to the warriors.
I am 15 years old wanted to get to the Middle East, I do not know why ... I still ask myself, but I can not find an answer ...
Now, the dream has come true! Announced the order of the Minister of Defence, to establish a special contingent to perform a particularly important task of the government, in raising the international prestige of the country (hrenasse how pompous!)
A contest was announced. I have to say that the soldier, the competition is not particularly touched. The only thing that would be healthy and "article" is not hung on the rest - do not care. Oh yes, one more thing. The ride could only "contractor" no "draftees." And only with a written, notarized permission of parents or wives for married. For I, at first, it was pond-pond, and when it surfaced infa that the place of deployment will be in the north (of Kirkuk, Mosul), and there iichki can fry, wishing diminished))))) As a result, the place of permanent deployment was changed to Al-Kut and Essaouira. Closer to the Iranian border. But I do not care. I went in any case!
Here the officers, it was interesting) Officers do not need much, and wanted to go much salary of pieces bucks + salary remained at home, blasphemy). There were rat race.
On the set was announced in May to August were gathering, training type, and in August, all together were loaded onto barges and carts planes and ferries and set out.
I will not describe the nearly three-month fees, a regular army dolboebizm, except for a couple of marches, which, more than half of decayed art. They shoot and engaged in tactics at the site, a total of two weeks.
Upon arrival, a couple of days spent in Kuwait, based on the "Camp Coyote," and then - go ahead, with the orders !!! We moved early in the morning hours 4. Pass had about 600 km, and the sooner the better. There were about two days.

All the horrors of the march, in the heat 45, sitting in a "box" will not describe about the technique - in general it is necessary to write a separate post. Cutting dough allocated for training equipment, was held at the Summit and was considered a success.
Then it was a lot more then ... And the sand fleas and no soul in two weeks and the army authorized dolboebizm and suppression of Shiite uprising, the defense of City Hall, landmines ... And of course the same, return home after six months! And then, after 3 months, according to the new.
Strictly do not judge, I do not hack, more "chitakov" and "photo vykladaka»)))))
Total write is impossible, ask questions, I will answer, if possible.
Will 100 photos and it is only a small part, believe me. Most of mine, but there reportёrskie. Lots of pictures from the first rotation (5 Ombre) is not paved, as almost all the foil. Here a large part of the second (7 Ombre).

02. Before the march.

03. In Kuwait,

04. Also

05. Unloading

06. Marines in Kuwait. Nehily Service)))

07. Departure. Night Kuwait.

08. Border sobssno, Iraq.

09. The view from my "window»)

10. Road ... Many drivers simply fell asleep, behind the wheel, because of the monotony of the landscape and pryamosti and evenness of the road. It got even before the accident.

11. Sometimes, we meet something that instantly invigorates. After contemplating this, not before bedtime (

12. Or that. As an option.

13. pindosskie convoy. Seasoned.
What is interesting, mainly drove military trucks - women)

14. Short but so sweet, just a minute of rest.

15. What is it !? This "woman".
We thought at first that the general had ebanulsya when the bushes began to walk))))))

16. Saddam;)

17. That is a miracle. Type humor theirs (

18. After arriving. So we were the first time, while renovated barracks.
The first time, it is about 2 months, 5-3. But blasphemy, according to the ordinance APU, "Soldier endures all the hardships and privations of military service»)))

19. And this is the fall in Iraq.
While the area is not filled with rubble, but it became better not. Just for this mess, adding more and rubble.

20. sunset ... just great!

21. Teachings of the base. Testing hit a landmine.

22. clipped !!!)

23. Stadium in Baghdad. Accidentally jumped.

24. More autumn.

25. Gateways dam, which dammed the Tigris. Dam More Brits built, devils knows when. In fact, entering the city of Al-Kut.

26. The date grove.

27. The local militia. Something like a police special forces. Desperate boys ...

28. CPT-1 aka "Persha Gate».
This is my second rotation. The audit pindosskie general, PPC was recognized as the best in the region, the protection and the ability to keep the defense.

29. In the local shop.

30. The patrol.

31. Checkpoint.

32. Joint patrols.
Pindos long time to get over it, learn our age shushpantsera (first rotation I was sitting behind his machine gun). Finally, the pattern broke, when they found out that the air conditioner was not provided in principle!)))))

33. In general, went to cover the sappers. Minesweeper, in turn, destroy munitions bombed ammunition depots. Local dragged out, all that no hitting, then we underlay.

34. ... The result!

35. Trying to export such munitions warehouse here. Prisech by Appache.
We arrived 15 minutes later.

36. These are the "little presents" We prepared local. Thank informer warned. We had to pass through this route, half an hour later. So that.

37. bombs. I believe, 250 pounds. From APC would remain some wheels.

38. Here in this place and had to jerk ...

39. And such "toys" across ...

40. More of our sappers.
And so every day for a month ...

41. Children. Children - a pledge of safety! If children are not around or they do not fit within a short distance - to be trouble.

42. The sad childhood (

43. Here, the effects of stripping local ammunition warehouse.
Very sad ... Then our officer was killed. It would seem that may be safer than a trip on the water at the base?



46. ​​The driver of water carter ...
Like patched. In general, the glass chopped hard. But the officer was sitting next to (

47. The children were returning to base. Caught. Seriously, with ((((
The consequences of shooting a machine gun KPVT 14, 5 mm. "Boxes" pierces through!

48. Everyone wondered what would happen if a RPG dolbanut at an APC?
That's no good.

49. But hitting the "Abrams".

50. View from the turntable to the suburb of Al-Kut.

51. Again the children.
They are hell-the-box popped up))) Nope no one should stop their crowd.
Even a shovel've stole one day, with reservation)))) Drove Gagauzia delivered its hysteria about proёbannogo entrenching tool !!!

52. But, basically, the children came to beg zhrachki and water, in order to push it all on the local market)

53. Another RPG hit of Pindos. Interestingly, they drove us)

54. Mobile checkpoint. That's where ochechki flexing. Especially becomes machine, 50 meters, and none of it does not go ... There were those that stand up, then turn around and burning! Pindos such soaked immediately. We have all been loyal.
We do, permission to open fire on the top, we had almost in Kiev to ask ... Then disinhibited.

55. Catch, after stripping the local market. There they call "Ali Baba."

56. Taxi!

57. Taxis, for those who are poorer.

58. He was caught in a tent ... Phalanx. The size of a man's palm. He jumps like a flea! We slept only under a mosquito net.

59. Draw a convoy.

60. Since, on motion, the convoy is taken in the "box", no overtaking, no one on the opposite, something happened and incidents.


62. dogonku to the phalanx.

63. Graduation at the local university. Women's Group)
"Insufflator" will be?))))

64. On duty, accompanied by the Commission, inspecting schools and other educational and training agencies, the need for allocation of aid.
In one school, even met the headmistress speaking Russian. Weak, of course, but the fact! Higher education in the Union, in the late '80s.

65. In the courtyard of the school.


67. Schools are different ..... (
Here in this, in papers, made repairs.

68. After the rain. And once, there was a football field)))
The water will last about a month, and then, in its place, there will be a salt crust. I do not know why.

69. Here it is, a storm in the desert. (photo not mine, but I've seen this)

70. I had the luck to accompany Leman 4 greenery. Not yet come to the end point, and did not know that accompany ...
Though hold out given)))

71. Even in Babylon fell!
The famous Ishtar Gate, through which Macedonia was part of Babylon. Reconstruction, however, but still great!

72. Relief bricks.

73. More.

74. The streets of the city-museum.

75. And this is the streets of Al-Kut.

76. That meeting!

77. Blanking of Kazakhs.

78. And the sunsets here are quiet ...
(View trenazhёrku)

79. That itself trenazhёrka.

80. Away.

81. mortar fire.
In the 7th Brigade, sent mortars, 160 mm, it does not seem to remember. And a company minomёtchikov. Before them, on the basis of fire intermittently with Grad missiles, well, that with self-made installations. All past. And mortars naughty. After a few volleys of our - all was quiet ...

82. Parcels arrived! And fat)))
It was rumored that gave us cigarettes, orderly, not in private. Naturally, we were told that all these rumors) Later, cigarettes were met by the local market (Here are our ...

83. flew home appliances brokenness and people did not survive mentally and physically ...

84. flies landing on the cover of "side».
On the Mi-24 flying Poles. Never liked lords drink)))))

85. Before leaving the convoy. General Popko, we had the misfortune to accompany throughout the last two months of our stay in 7 Ombre.

86. Ever since the 6th Brigade, was a military chaplain. There was even a semblance of a prayer room.

87. Pindos rush to Baghdad! (essesno, not my photo)
Rumor has it that on the way to Baghdad, these creatures were shot everything that moved ... It does not matter whether or not the civilian population (

88. The few prisoners.

89. The spontaneous demonstration outside the mayor's office of Al-Kut, and later developed into a massacre, with the further use of force on our part.

90. It all happened at the beginning, the exact number 11-15 of January. The crowd, heat instigators, just flew off the rails at some point.

91. One second before the storm ...

92. After 3 minutes zakidyvaniya cobblestones and grenades. Including self-made from tin cans. Later, they began to shoot (the demonstrators). Two "mess" of our platoon. Far - mine.


94. The crowd pushed back in the alley.

95. Life is not just routine. Pindosskie Easter! Easter day.

96. Many people want to ask about kormёzhke? Do not ask, see)
I ate once a day, for dinner. Breakfast - only grapefruit and biscuits.
The canteen still free, take as long as hands are not oborvёsh ...
For half a year I have recovered on 20 kg, despite the fact that went to the rocking chair and ate once a day ...

97. More photo with the Mayor's Office of Defense. Forgotten)
Chas stands and shoot back, and the crowd, back, advise, where better to shoot !!! Abastsatstso !!!
While he was standing there, not a single brick laid. But to run across their points, street sweep) Well, then what is our sniper pootgonyal them. Shoot over the heads of the wall!)

98. Your servant.


In this world, I bow and gave it to the wolves!)



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