Alexei Bezrukov in skradke!

Decided to try to take pictures of eagles, a lot of them here already.

Napilit old boards, took a boat at the mouth of the river, where the eagles gather and assembled frame. Then, spraying snow water, molded wall. Sitting in skradke when the district bears to go yet, not very comfortable. Because the walls had to do a foot thick. The result was a real dot!


After finishing the construction of the third day, I went back to skradke a day. Skradok during this time, it seems, has already been tested clumsy strength. Judging by the tracks, the beast tried to claw wall, climbed inside, stamped around. I hope, curiosity has been satisfied.

To outwit cautious birds, I went to skradke well before dawn, with a lantern. And goes dark. I spent two days in his new home, he has started reading old magazines Geo 2001 the first year. Magazines, unfortunately, is not enough. So read all to cover, including the editorial office. Eagles at this time engaged in fishing at all spawning grounds, except mine. Hours of waiting brightened familiar black bear that knowing that I skradke tactfully passed by, never even tried to slap the lens of his nose.

While no longer go: nothing to read, yes, and Tanya insists that crows and magpies from the house you can take pictures. Any day now, the storm zamoet riverbed, the water will rise and will wash away my skradok in a jiffy.

Not washed away ...



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