American Life magazine in 1958 (37 photos)

In March 1958, the American Life magazine published a long article about the crisis in the educational system of the United States. As an example, two students were chosen - Alex Kutskov from Moscow and Stephen Lapekas from Chicago. Correspondents magazine a month went for the guys on the heels, watched as learn what is interesting that they read, how they spend their time after school.

findings shocked America. Alex and Stephen were the same age, were both 16, but Alex is much faster than the American on Education. In the pictures, published in the article, readers can see how Alex is doing experiments on the lessons of physics and chemistry, plays volleyball and chess, reading Shakespeare, goes on tour and play music. Alex devotes most of his time studying, he is serious to go to college and is convinced that depends on his fate. Steven same applies to learning rather lightly, though, and going to college. List of subjects Stephen significantly less, but also it Lapekasa performance is poor, his parents even have to pay for extra classes. But all this is not very concerned about Stephen and he easily finds time for non-business studies - a lot of time with the girl dancing and rock and roll in the endless parties ...

The conclusions from the experiment America did. It was after this article, the United States has been seriously reformed educational system - changes were made in the curriculum of schools and universities, the most gifted students became scholarships, and significantly raised salaries for teachers. American School forgotten about poverty, and it happened largely due to Lesha Kutskovu, student of class 10-B of the 49th Moscow school.

Soviet schoolboy Alex Kutskov from Moscow.

Alex in the classroom.

Alex plays chess with a friend

In physics lessons.


Lunch with friends

Alex with classmates in the subway.

Evening walk with a friend.

At the lesson of labor.

Evening classes with a friend.

Experiments in chemistry class.

Alex with a classmate at the Moscow Conservatory.

Lesson labor.

English class.


American schoolboy Stephen Lapekas from Chicago.

In the class.

One of the lessons.

In the pool.

In dance class.

Before the lesson.

Steven has been in his room.

Dance Class.

Steven at the blackboard.

With a classmate.

Near the lockers.

Biology lesson

Stephen prays before the student church board.

In a cafe with friends.


Steven Woman.

Before school.

In the class.

After school.

Geometry lesson.

Dance Class.

The jukebox in the cafe.


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