10 things that do not necessarily have time to

constantly accelerating pace of life: everywhere in a hurry, always late, and seek all the terms in time. That's just what we all? < Website I peered closer and noticed that some things "keep up" does not required

Lose h3> You all year bought their 48 th the size of office suits. Then one morning decided to really hit the New Year corporate colleagues chic dresses 44th size. Never mind that prior to the date of your triumph there are only 2-3 weeks, samples!

Doctors are unlikely to approve such a trick: losing weight to the desired date, you will have time to get a lot of problems with health (including mental health). And the size is still more likely to return quickly. In general, it is better to be cautious with the "uspevaniem».

Visit the sale h3> Before all they hurry, it is advisable to conduct an audit of clothing, purse, and long-term plans. If closet door barely closed, in a purse - the necessary minimum before the end of the month, and among the long-term plans - vacation in Israel in the next six months, then another late sell better.

Get high should st h3> Yes, turn over in a dream career coaches and ambitious workaholics, but we believe: all the time. Title dreams - whether it be vice-president of Gazprom, or the Minister of Finance - is not only a solid salary, Summit and chauffeur; it is also a willingness to sleep less, work longer, be able to better.

In addition, if you had time to become a big boss before 30, you put yourself at risk of burnout, depression and boredom banal. Simply put, we have new goals and values ​​to come up.

Affairs amb general cleaning up of guests at any cost h3> General cleaning does not tolerate fuss and time constraints. So really if you have started, you enjoy, and if guests are coming, then do not make a holiday in the exam a) terrible hurry to visit; b) a sense of unease during it; c) sense of guilt and self-criticism after. People will come to look at you instead of your shiny floors and crystal-clear glass panes. In general, do not have time - well, okay.

acquires guilt h3> Two of my son at school - we are guilty (inattentive parents) salary higher than our best friend - our fault (poor work), parents forget to call at the weekend - not ashamed (could find time).

We read clever books whose authors call to be proactive - take responsibility only for the fact that they can change, but for their own decisions and actions. But those clever books do not teach us sometimes to blame the circumstances, traffic jams (which really is!), And most importantly - do not experience it in some cases. Well, two and two, have time to feel guilty if the son does not correct it with our help to the end of the quarter.

slipped to fifth des h3> How many road accidents occur simply because at least one of the participants believed that the time to "jump"! If we take a moment to think and try to honestly answer the question that will change the extra fifteen minutes of downtime at the traffic light on the scale of the universe, or at least our personal lives, have time to understand: nothing.

When we get home, dinner and a little cold, it is possible to heat up; favorite series has already started - you can see it on the Internet; better parking space is occupied - you can put the car out of the driveway and take a walk.

Change Family Status h3> This is not about the infrequent cases when for the sake of moving to another country or career urgent need to get married, give birth to children, or divorce. Here it is circumstances dictate. But if not hanging over us the sword of the urgent need, why hurry? The arguments in the spirit of "Mama said ',' friend advised," "it is time" and "how it should be" not so far seem true and irrefutable when it is done, but "anyhow."

At the risk of idealists, but better to get married on the ones you love and be able to love over the years. Children - a great happiness when they really desire. A divorce - the decision is final (we are not heroes, "The Marrying Man"), broken cup will be difficult to stick together, especially if before it shattered into pieces, you had to say to each other a lot of excess.

Vyskaz yvat personal opinion h3> In the age of Internet anonymity, it is at all. Whatever page in social networks, views, opinions, opinions ... We have in fact right, not a loathsome creature. However, there are reservations.

It is not necessary to have time to give advice to others before he himself will find a solution.

Not necessarily have time to stigmatize the person before he corrected.

Finally, it is not necessary to express a personal opinion, if you absolutely do not understand the problem.

Before dumyvat h3> Most women is a bad habit - to come up with the answer of the interlocutor before he utters it, and simultaneously "think out" for an answer that is that the counterpart to say and that it feels. How many conversations ended quarrels and misunderstandings due to the fact that the female brain has had time to make a ton of conclusions based on prejudices and pseudo-intuition! If someone asked the question - do not rush to answer it yourself, let the other person have time to answer.

ADULT be h3> We will not ignore any call on the responsibility of caring for loved ones to provide for themselves, make choices based on their own priorities, rather than imposed by the media and have advised parents. To have time to learn all of this is desirable as long as receive a university diploma, and better sooner.

But growing up - and this is often a farewell to illusions and faith in the people and their decency, children's ability to seize the moment and enjoy it, finally parting with the talent to fool around recklessly. Do not rush to become respectable uncle or successful aunt and condemning look askance at his friends, who with cries and shrieks rolling hills on ledyankah, building faces, put horns on the group photo with honest eyes say on April 1 that "you back is white, Well, sure, white-prebelaya ».

Author: Elena Timofeeva
Illustration on preview: Charles Dana Gibson

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