20 nostalgic things come from the USSR, which we remember from childhood

Soviet deficit and changeable fashion of those years together have created that special homely atmosphere, which all of us, Rodney. "Fish" on the trellis were literally at all, and Hall proudly adorned with a hard-won "wall." And now all these things cause a pleasant nostalgia. < Website invites its readers with reminisce cult objects from the Soviet past.

1. Polished mirror-trellis h3>

2. Wall carpet h3>

It is not just the ability to warm the surface, but also the opportunity to beat the space is something unusual and beautiful.

3. Floor lamp h3>

Lamp was always somewhere near a chair or bed. Under the shade of his reading, knitting, sewing. Lighting struck their colors, which are often not suited to the interior, because some managed to get such and standing.

4. Picture-chasing h3>

The paintings were very popular.

5. Striking clock h3>

Every half hour, it is a miracle of technology recalls its existence.

6. Mats h3>

Braided rugs.

7. Wall h3>

Wall occupied a central place in the room. It stores everything: books, souvenirs, pottery, photography ...

8. Music Player h3>


9. Phone Disk h3>

Soviet disc apparatus.

10. Macrame h3>

Many women do needlework, based on weaving knots.

11. Rosinka Juicer h3>

One of those local products that are superior to many European and American brands.

12. Phosphorus eagle h3>

Illuminated statue.

13. Cologne Olympic teddy bear on a stump h3>

The original bottle is made in the form of the main symbols of the Olympic Games - Olympic Bears.

14. Statuette of fish h3>

Souvenir, adorning a shelf in the wall unit.

15. Hair curlers h3>

16. Cash numbers, letters and syllables h3>

An essential attribute of every first-grader.

17. Coin h3>

Piggy for kopecks.

18. Set of toys h3>

Soviet toys, which were practically at each child at the time.

19. Rubber rollers h3>

Many women have used such curlers perm.

20. Typewriter h3>

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