15 important things that need to talk with your child

If you have children, you will definitely know how important it is to communicate with them, choosing the right words, suggestive right thoughts. Conversations with parents are also valuable for children.

Website has decided to share with you 15 most important things, which is to talk with your child.

Describe your character 5 words. This request will help your child better understand themselves and make reflect on the fact that it can think about other people. When the child clear advantages and disadvantages of its own nature, it is easier to find their place in this vast world.

What activity makes you really happy? By asking this question you to focus on your son that brings him pleasure. Reflection on this topic will help him decide in what now is spend the time and in the future - choose your favorite profession.

What can you teach your friends? Many of the children being misled to believe that everything depends solely on them and their desires. However, in life you need to think not only about themselves but also about others. The answer to this question can inspire a child to show him that he is a unique individual who has something that others do not. When a child feels special, it increases self-confidence, and he wakes up interest in self-development.

What event in your life do you consider the most amazing / strange? Life consists not only of bright sunny days with multicolored rainbow, sometimes it raging storms and hurricanes. Children should be psychologically prepared for this, without forgetting that the hard times will not last forever. After sunset, the dawn will always come, we just need to wait for it.

What is the lesson you could learn from the difficulties? in our lives, we are often faced with different challenges, and each of us is able to cope with them. It's great when children can learn on their own experience and the experience of others, including parents. Ask this question and you will know the difficulties your child is struggling and what lessons are extracts.

What of the things you learn today will help you tomorrow? This issue will remind your child that one day he, too, becomes an adult and will have to make the right choices based on the experience and knowledge it receives today . When children understand the importance of education, it helps them to enjoy the educational process.

If you could go back to three years ago, what would you advise yourself? Ask him about it casually, during normal conversation, you can learn about the problems that have accumulated in his mind and prevented him from enjoying life, and help in their decision. Also, such a dialogue can develop in your offspring ability to learn from their mistakes.

What / who are you most thankful? This question will help the child to look closely at the positive side of life and be thankful for what he has. The man with the child should understand that such gratitude, and be able to say thank you.

Do you understand what other people feel? In life it is very important to build strong relationships and avoid unwanted conflict, and for that you need to feel and understand other people. If your child will feel that other people are experiencing, it would be easier to live in their environment.

How do you see your life in the future? Children need to think about the future and plan for it. This question will help your child understand that he expects to aspire to. Discussing it, you work together to get close to the answer.

How do you think of your friends who love me the most? Why? The company of friends with whom communicate with our children, to a large extent affect their character. Remember, if they can always be surrounded by negative people, they will sooner or later become such. Parents, it is important to know which of the inner circle of friends have on their child's greatest influence.

If you could be famous, what would you want to become famous? Try to understand that your child does the word "success." Whether it is connected only with money or something b on em> lshim? After hearing his answer, you will realize that it is driven by what are its goals and who is his role model. This information is extremely important for every parent.

What would you like to change the world, if you could? Remember that thoughts tend to materialize. The day will come when your child begins to understand that tomorrow - it is not today, and every new day - it is an opportunity to make a difference. Happy is he who believes that all difficulties can be overcome, and he is able to solve them. Encourage your son to great achievements.

How can you help your neighbor today? Sometimes life brings people a lot of pain they suffer from disease, poverty, mental disorders. Therefore it is very important to treat neighbors as brothers and sisters. Try to convince your child that he can help his native people right now.

If you could create a single law for all, what would it be? We live in a world operating according to certain rules and subject to strict laws. At the same time, children need to understand that rules and laws are not designed to punish us, but to our life and communicating with people have become easier. If your children will understand this truth, they will become more responsible and honest.

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