Old age begins with the kidneys.

The rich experience of oriental medicine is based alien concepts for the modern man. Channels that entangle our bodies do not have the anatomical confirmation, they can only experience as a result of prolonged exercise. Of course, there are people unique, who see the glow of these channels. Such bit. Deciphering the concept of oriental medicine, we notice that the western concept of "authority" does not exist.

For example, in the distant past healers believed that the "kidneys" are the roots of all internal organs that "kidney" - the basis of life. Healers mean easy authorities kidneys in the modern sense, and kidney with the adrenal glands and gonads, which are associated with endocrine and regulatory activities of the body to the accumulation of "extracts of the body": the production of sperm, nutrition of the brain and the development of bone, blood, strengthen ligaments, elasticity of tissues, providing a good hearing and vision. By linking together the ancient healers called "kidney».

For example, Chinese traditional medicine has a diagnosis of "kidney emptiness". Manifested diagnosis can in different ways: one person will be pain and urination disorders, disturbances in the sexual sphere, the other - to be a pain in the knees, the third - to be gray hair, the fourth - hearing loss, at the fifth - surface dyspnea and etc. All the symptoms of diseases associated with the "kidneys", ie genitourinary system, translating modernity.

Under what conditions weakened kidney function and there is a lot of any disease? According to the ancient canons were three main reasons:

First of all, it turns out that the first "victims" of the weakness of the kidneys were fears in modern terms - is stressful conditions. Similar feelings of fear dramatically weaken the function of the nervous system and the adrenal glands. How long fears, so short that "his hair stand on end" lead to this result.

If you have suffered severe hypothermia, prolonged colds, ill with malaria or some other serious disease that weakened your body. Kidneys (including the adrenal glands) can not tolerate overcooling. The cold reduces their activity here - cold feet, joint pain, urge to urinate during the night, back pain, fatigue, feeling of heat in the chest, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, etc. No wonder the old people say, "Once his feet were cold, and head hot, then weaken the kidneys, and old age is not far off. You want to be healthy and young, keep your feet warm and head out in the cold. " The cold weakens the kidney, should be avoided hypothermia - this dangerous enemy health.

Another issue - the sensitive nature: were not you too erratic in love? The fact that the sexual glands are intimately linked with the kidneys, and sexual excesses lead, as a rule, to common symptoms such as pain in the back, aching bones, dulling vision, tinnitus, memory loss, decreased performance and et al.

One of these reasons, for sure, and you had, so that everyone has elderly diagnosis of "kidney emptiness».

Chinese traditional medicine had the concept of "science nurturing life" - work with "buds". Methods of prevention of diseases and the elderly predpozhilogo simple and very effective.

Technique "rubbing kidney", "strengthen the waist and kidney recovery».

What would a man was doing - work, sports or everyday activities - it always involves the lower back, always making efforts using the lumbar muscles. We can say that the waist - a "team", governing all human actions. That is why the task of strengthening it, greater flexibility is extremely important. And to solve this problem will help technique "to strengthen the lumbar and kidney recovery».

Squeeze hands into fists, not very hard, but not too weak to pads of four fingers at the center of the palm and the thumb - on top of them. Try to give the back of the hand flat. Place the hand back of the hand in front of the kidneys, aligning them mid-outer sides of palms on both sides (from the point of min-men that the Chinese "gate of life"!) Left to left, right to right (Fig. 1).

Then the movement towards the spine, as if to push the kidney together loosen and spread your arms. Repeat 81 times until a strong sensation of heat at the point m-men.


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