Freedom from fear.

Very often it prevents us from moving forward fear. What is fear? This energy substance, thought-form, we create your unconscious emotional and mental reaction to the world. This design has the power over us, yet we have not transformed into something more conscious, high frequency.

Fear tends to "energetically" to increase - "fear has big eyes" - because of our exaggerations, interpretations, ignorance in certain matters.
What we are afraid of - we do not know. Other "finish" a fantasy.

We can be afraid of death because they do not know - what is it? We just do not have enough knowledge to transform this fear into challenge myself to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its life. And so with all, absolutely all, fear.

Therefore fear can be called "dormant knowledge».

For example. We walk through a dark room. Suddenly the corner of his eye, we noticed there is something great, high, terrible. Imagination "to finish" form of a ghost! Oh, how terrible it became! The heart beat faster, we wanted to get away, his eyes widened in horror. But we still decided to turn on the lights and see - what there actually! And there stood alone completely harmless chair. And we thought! So, thanks to the knowledge of (or attempts to learn) we can deal with any fear.

How to transform the fear of mental process?

Step 1. Acceptance. Recognition: "Yes, I'm afraid of the dark" (death, height, age, water, certain people start a business, loneliness and so on. D.)

Step 2: Give the name and justify. For example fear of the dark, because they do not know what might be lurking there, all of a sudden it's dangerous.

Step 3: Use of this fear. All this in order not to fight with him, do not saturate it even more energy. For example, this protects me from the fear of surprise attack, he warned me, saying that you need to be careful and cautious.

Step 4. What is the obstacle? For example, this fear keeps me in suspense every time I walk through the darkness. My body and mind suffer from it, very often fear is not justified. And so on. D.

Step 5. The energy transformation into knowledge. Solution: I - a man who wants to know - in the dark, so I'll always specify, Keep a flashlight, something luminous. I want to know the darkness in order to learn its language, its signs, its help, I want to learn how to feel it. What you will always walk with a flashlight - not a sign of weakness and surrender to fear, it is a sign of a researcher, a wanderer, a student. And it sounds good! Over time you can learn to feel the dark and without external lighting.

As a result, the transformation of fear into knowledge - we release our first blocked in this thought-form energy and direct it at their own discretion, for example, on health, increased energy, enthusiasm.

There are fears that enable us to understand that we just need to be aware of this issue more, not to fantasize and emotsionirovat on this occasion.

There are fears that transformed thanks to the experience, action. For example, fear of water. Learn No matter how much water use as either read about it, but just to try - from simple to complex - and begin to enter the water gradually.

There are fears that are transformed by the knowledge-state. For example, fear of heights. Agree, not get rid of this fear, jumping from a skyscraper. There should be something else: for example, learn to enjoy the view of the city evening, sunrises, sunsets from the mountain, a high bridge, and so on.. Here the main thing - to experience the state of the flight of the soul.


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