16 tricks that are useful in the cold motorists

higher drifts outside the window, the more children are happy and sad the more motorists.

Quickly clear the car from the snow and ice, and make it safely to your destination - Website gathered 16 tips that will be useful to every driver in the winter.

7 tricks for cleaning windows and mirrors of snow and ice h3>

Lift wipers and leave them in that position for the night, so they are not stuck to the windshield. To prevent icing of windows will help the mixture of 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water: Sprinkle it on the windshield and leave overnight. Snow brush still have, but this would be much easier. Dry cloth and alcohol will help to clear ice from the windows faster. There is also a way to prevent icing of the windshield: the night put an old rug or a thick cloth tarp directly on the window and tuck under the windshield wipers. But do not forget: this is not worth doing at sharp temperature drops and heavy rainfall. If the hand was not a scraper, you can use a spatula or a rigid credit cards, most importantly - avoid metal, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the surface. Protect mirrors frost night to help ordinary plastic bags. If the car is parked facing east, the morning sun and the snow melts a little bit will help clean the car a little faster.

4 ways to protect the locks and doors icing h3>

Open a frozen car door locks and help hand sanitizer. You can also warm up the key with lighters, and then carefully insert it into the frozen lock. As a key means of preventing sprayed WD-40. To open the frozen door, try to put pressure on her. Another way - to use a warm (but not in any way not hot) water, and even better de-icing mixture.

2 stealth to protect the glass from the inside h3>

To prevent misting, absorb moisture and odors will help cat litter, which can be hidden, for example, in a sock and put in the car. Shaving cream will help clean the windows inside and also prevent fogging: Apply a small amount of cream and then wipe with a dry cloth.

3 tips to help you start the car, even in the dead of winter h3>

If you are expecting the arrival of the all-time cold, carefully remove the battery from the machine and enter his home for the night. If the car will not start 15-20 seconds, try the following: return the key to the original position and give a tired battery 2 minutes rest, then try again. Do not repeat this process many times - so you will only worsen the condition of the battery. A good reference point - speed rotation starter. A sure way to start the car - "Booster". Keep a ready-made cables - it will help to connect to the battery of another vehicle. But to your battery "came to his senses" and returned to its original state, the engine must run for an hour.

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