HOW TO get rid of bad thoughts?

There are several ways. The easiest - to think about something else. Focus on that has nothing to do with coming to you an unpleasant thought - to do any kind of work, reading or creative work. You can write if you are a writer, and all the other thoughts will go away as you concentrate on your work. If you do not have adequate control, it is necessary to write to you to finish as the old thoughts will come back again. But just at the moment of attack evil thoughts try to take some creativity. If you are attracted to science, do some research, their research topic. Another will something else, a third - something else. But most importantly, get carried away by the fact that much captures and attracts attention. It's the easiest way.

Those who have learned to control the thoughts, can cast unnecessary aside as a physical object. But it's difficult to do and requires a certain skill. If you can imagine the idea of ​​a physical object, even better - you just chase her away, persistently and constantly, until it is gone forever. If such a rejection is not active, it can come back. This is the second method.

The third is to learn how to attract a lot of light, which is itself a profound "negation" of all unnecessary. If you came to your mind is the beginning of the dark, especially when she got up from the subconscious or unconscious, and is supported by instinct, then by the light of true knowledge, higher power, touching this light dark thoughts, you will be able to dissolve or transform it. This is the supreme method, although the most difficult. It is quite feasible, and if you use them, they will be cured forever. It is not just the thought will not return to you, but the reason it is fixed.

So the first step is to take your mind and think about something else (but it is the way of endless returns, it is not very effective). The second step - to reject the idea. The third - to transform it. When you can use the third way, he will give you the ability to constantly evolve.

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