15 facts tricky to control your body

human body - one of the most interesting mechanisms in the world. And as to any mechanism, it can be to apply their "hacks" - to make your life easier. < Website publishes the list is incredibly simple and effective ways to help you cope with the small everyday problems.

What if the tickle in the throat h3> Just scratched his ear - you prostimuliruete nerve endings that cause spasm, and it will save you from unpleasant sensations. This conclusion came the doctor - an ear-nose-throat Scott Schafer.

What to do if you can not hear someone h3> The answer is simple and banal: listen carefully, but it was the right ear. The secret is that the right ear is better to recognize it, and the left - musical tones and notes. This is due to operation of the cerebral hemispheres.

What to do if you are afraid of injections h3> The feel of the injection, really nice not name. However, there have their own trick: try to cough. Studies have shown that people who coughed during intravenous injections, felt less pain than those who did not. Cough is a sudden temporary increase in pressure in the chest, suppressing the task of the spinal cord for the pain.

What if stuffy nose h3> The method Dr. Lisa DeStefano: you have to press a few times alternately tongue against the palate, and then put pressure on the point between the eyebrows. After about 20 seconds congestion subsides. This is due to the fact that a particular porous bone - opener - located in the nasal region, as if to "swinging", gradually opening the passage for the inhaled and exhaled air.

What to do if you're a little overeaten before bed h3> This method will help prevent heartburn. Just lie on your left side - says gastroenterologist Anthony A. Starpoli. Then your stomach will be below the esophagus, that will not let acid get into the throat. And it is highly recommended not to go to bed immediately after a meal, and wait 2-3 hours.

What if toothache h3> Immediately visit the dentist! But to ease the pain itself, do this: rub an ice cube on the back of the hand - in the V-shaped webbing between the thumb and forefinger. Toothache is reduced by half. Here's how it works: nerve stimulation in this area causes a slight numbness of the hands and blocks the flow of pain signals to the brain.

What if the nose was bleeding h3> We need to take a cotton wool and attach it to the gums for a small dimple under his nose, and then press down firmly so - advises Peter Desmore. Bleeding stops due to the fact that you are blocking the artery pressing. The principle is the same as with a tourniquet. But if the bleeding does not stop longer than 5-10 minutes, see a doctor!

What if you burned your finger h3> To reduce the risk of blister - push the burned area clean fingertip unaffected hand. This method is recommended by the same Lisa DeStefano. And in order to reduce pain, use the old-fashioned method: sleeve + cold water.

What to do if you're really worried h3> Doctor Ben Ebo advises you to blow on the thumb. Interesting fact: the thumb its own pulse, and calming him, you can soothe and heart rate. When you blow on the finger, it cools and soothes his heart. In addition, the act itself makes you breathe more deeply, which also has a sedative effect.

What to do if you are bitten off and ice cream headache h3> The feeling is familiar, perhaps, to everyone. This is due to the fact that the nerves in the sky and frozen brain decides that the whole body to cool. In response, there is overheating, and as a consequence - a headache. To warm up the sky and take the pain, just push it to the language, trying to cover the greatest possible area. In this way, he shared Ben Ebo.

What if numb hand h3> Just shake his head from side to side, says Lisa DeStefano. Numbness occurs due to compression of nerve fibers. A bundle of nerves responsible for transmitting the signal from the hand to the brain goes through the neck, so you just need to stretch it to remove the numbness.

What to do if you want to learn how to fall asleep quickly h3> When you wake up in the morning, immediately get out of bed and do not return there until you will have to go to bed. This will help your body to unconsciously associate the bed with sleep, and eventually you will be able to fall asleep, his head just touching the pillow.

What to do if you need to learn something by heart h3> Professor Candy Geymgratner offers before going to bed several times to repeat the text that you want to remember. During sleep, our brain organizes all the information, and there is its transition into long-term memory. In the morning after waking up, most likely, you will know the lyrics by heart.

What if when running pricks in the side h3> The feeling is familiar to almost everyone who has ever run in his life. To avoid it, try to exhale when the land comes the right foot. The fact is that tingling sensation caused by compression of the liver and reduce the pressure on it is simple enough.

What to do if you want to dive deeper into the water h3> If you do not always have enough air when you dive, try the method suggested by Dr. Jonathan Armbruster medicine. Make some quick short breaths. Thus, you will be left further 10 seconds. There will be a slight hyperventilation, and the brain will assume that you have oxygen in sufficient quantities. This will help you to carry out a deep dive.

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