The newest simulator fighter "Su-35"

Features high-tech procedural simulator "Su-35", which are trained and taught the skill of the pilots of the multipurpose fighter. See below.

The Su-35 is a deep modernization of the Su-27 and refers to the 4 ++ generation. The aircraft is designed for air superiority, as well as to destroy air ground and surface targets.

The aircraft used a fifth-generation technology, providing superiority over similar class fighters. Distinctive features of the Su-35 from the Su-27 are new engines increased traction with SWT, the wide range of aircraft weapons, new avionics based on digital information management system, a new set of on-board radio-electronic equipment with phased array and two-stage hydraulically. This antenna can detect the type of fighter with the purpose of efficient flight dispersal into three square meters at a distance of 400 km.

The aircraft has a super high maneuverability at low and near-zero rates. This capability is provided through the use of special aerodynamic configuration and the newest engines with thrust vector control.
High information booths reduces the workload of the pilot function.

EDO "Sukhoi" plans to produce training complex. It includes an integrated simulator, procedural and educational computer class flight and engineering technical staff, which are combined into a single information and methodological framework, which will provide training for flight and engineering staff from the simple to the complex.

The class is a theoretical training with the automated control of knowledge, elements are processed in a procedural simulator and then on the complex, which is as close to the real cockpit (lockable lamp harness, dome with a spherical imaging 270h110 c.), And it can be practiced almost all problems.

In a network, you can connect up to 16 simulators and at the same time perform group training pilots. Over time, it will be possible to combine different types of simulators into a single information environment - fitness-modeling complex. In future it is planned to integrate simulators other Russian developers.
An integrated simulator purposely not equipped with motion system, because the system can simulate only a small part of a large range of highly maneuverable fighter overloads that lead to inculcate false skill.

In the simulator, you can perform almost all the same tasks as in aircraft, including refueling and to represent the most important thing - testing of emergency situations. In this simulator even surpasses the plane because simulate some Resignation situation in reality is dangerous, and sometimes impossible. And this is one of the key feature of the simulator.

How does the simulator
Workplace pilot of the Su-35 full flight simulators in a closed cabin ventilated type, where there is everything necessary for comfortable carrying out their assignment.
Here we have a procedural trainer, he had no flashlight. Table with monitors in the background - DLI.

The main governing bodies are: the handle control of the aircraft, engine control levers and pedals.

Information support of the pilot are collimator aviation indicator with control panel display, which displays flight information, the two MFD-35 (multifunction display) every 15 '', the remote integrated system of backup devices (PSOE), multi-function remote display with the working field 4x5 '' helmet-mounted display system and a voice alarm system.

Multi-function remote display with the working field of 4x5 '' (hiding on the side of the handle control plane) is used to configure all aircraft systems, including radar sighting and navigation equipment, weapons systems, video recording.
Automatic traction control and automatic control system. Lets without the pilot to maintain a desired rate of movement in all maneuvers and in all conditions, or fully automatically maintain the aircraft on the route in accordance with the flight plan. The task of the pilot is reduced only to perform takeoff and landing, as well as the decision on the use of weapons.

Monitor the left - the multifunction display MFD-35 15 & quot ;. With a touch of framing the pilot can divide the display into smaller pieces and display them all the necessary information about the flight mission, navigation, weapons and technical condition of the aircraft. appointment multifunction buttons varies depending on the nature of the information displayed corresponding tips displayed on the screen next to the buttons.
The lower part of the information on the monitor to the left - line control mode of the CCD (complex avionics). There is a total of five modes of the CCD - near and far through the air battle, CIS and the fight on the ground, plus the navigation mode. Each mode provides a specific set of information displayed on the display and pre-selection of weapons.

Handle control of the aircraft.

1 - Button disable the automatic control system (ACS). Also under the little finger of the pilot is to temporarily disable the automatic control system lever: moving on autopilot, the pilot pushes the lever and manually perform the maneuver, after which ACS continues to lead the aircraft at the new rate.
2 - Four position mode selector for selecting the CCD combat and navigation modes-board equipment.
3 - Button to bring to the horizon. In case of loss of orientation in space, including if you feel unwell after the overload, the pilot can press this button to automatically returned to the plane rectilinear motion with zero roll and pitch.
4 - Button for firing cannon armament. Rockets started the trigger.
5 - switch "maneuver, trajectory control" takes flight mode supermaneuverability.
6 - Joystick (joystick) control marker is responsible for the cursor position on the screen.

How is the mission? First, the instructor is a script to do the exercises, given the tactical and meteorological conditions on a real map in a given area, are placed us vs. them on the ground, "hung" planes in the air, etc. Also, the instructor can quickly deliver the job or that failures and faults, controlling the actions of the pilot.

In RMI (workplace instructor) multiple monitors. In a three-dimensional map shows the pivot points, the pivot points of the route, some goals. On the other monitor, he watches the action of the pilot, authorities and management and flight parameters. The third common type of simulator, etc ...

The text is presented as instructor rapid processing pilot actions - which included the modes, which violated the restrictions (if broken) and which tasks are performed. All instruments and panels can virtually bring.

Further, actually, he takes flight. The learner is in the cockpit, and instructor at the workplace. After the assignment occurs debriefing.
In the photo test pilot EDO "Sukhoi" Sergey Chernyshev carries out a test flight, and shares his impressions with reporters.

According to Sergei, the philosophy of modern combat mission is as follows: a pilot taking off and waits until the plane reaches the set point automatically; Then he decides to use of weapons in accordance with the combat mission (presses the button "defeat the enemy"), waiting until the plane will return to the base and planting machine. Everything.

"The list of tasks that must be solved, and is already doing this aircraft is enormous. It features a huge range of altitudes and speeds, impressive range and endurance, a huge range of weapons that can be used at any time and in any weather conditions. And all this is possible to control only one person! ยป

Korrepondenty also able to participate in the implementation of a simple, at first glance, tasks - planting. But six or seven modern managed to do just one. I also planted, but I was later told that the ground plane is controlled by the pedals, rather than pen and as a result I rolled on the ground.

That's the beauty!



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