Five characteristics of the new man:

For the formation of the new man must perform five compulsory conditions, each of which is highly characteristic of the person.

1. The first condition - is the health of body and mind.
It implies the ability of a person to one hundred percent use their body and mind to achieve a consciously chosen goal. It is a state of complete confidence that your body and mind - it is not you and your property. This complete control over the body and mind.

2. The second condition - absolute adaptation to life in the environment of modern society.
You need to be able to meet their needs on their own. You can not help anyone else, if you are not able to earn a living.

It is necessary to be creative in solving the problems that you face, and the discipline and perseverance in overcoming difficulties. Man showing this kind of ability, suited to the implementation of their goals in life creatively.

3. The third condition - a rich emotional life.
The new man has a full range of emotions. When necessary, he expresses anger, sadness or joy. Emotions do not need to suppress and control, and to feel as a tool necessary for life.

When your emotions are expressed in a natural and healthy way, you will be able to successfully play in a band with other people, nature, earth and heaven. You tune in to the rhythm of the universe.

4. The fourth condition - the recognition of the priority of conscience.
Conscience - this inner desire for truth inherent in every human being and craving for excellence based on the recognition of the divinity of his nature.

5. The fifth condition is the attainment of divinity.
Divinity in daily life is not related to the supernatural ability to see and hear what is not available to normal people.

Spirit - is information. Communicating with them is carried out by energy vibrations. When our brain waves have access to the energy vibrations of the Spirit, we experience what is called inspiration.

Since all the elements of the universe are filled with spiritual energy, that everything that exists is inherently divine. Consequently, the level of the divinity of man depends on his level of spiritual information.

Il'cha Lee


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