10 films about how important it is to go ahead, even if it does not work

Talent - burden. Flour creativity terrible and can sometimes bring to the crisis. If you feel lonely and misunderstood, these movies, according to Website , will help you make sure that all creative people sometimes want to give up.

Obsession h3> Whiplash

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The film is filled with not only the high class jazz music, but also maddening rhythm. And the main character shows by example: to achieve greatness, sometimes you need to become obsessed.

Black Swan h3> Black Swan

Someone dreams about the house and garden or on a pile of money, and someone dreams of perfection. For the sake of the success of the main character of "Black Swan" is ready for everything, even - get crazy ...



A biopic about how Chaplin of cheap vaudeville actor became a star of silent movies. The thorny path of a movie star make believe in myself even the most desperate.



At the main character costume masterpiece Francois Ozon has a lot to learn: impenetrable self-confidence - the key to its successful writing career.

Ray h3> Ray

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Jazzman, a revolution in music all my life with something fought: blindness, drugs, racism ... so a film about his life is so inspiring to fight.

Actor h3> The Artist

Oscar-winning film about love can help to distract and to remember those who have supported us until we create.

Billy Elliot h3> Billy Elliot

When a child goes against the whole world, including his family, to do what he likes, - you want to straighten your shoulders and move forward. In spite of everything.

Pretty In Pink h3> La mome

The film "La Vie en Rose" - the battle of the great French singer Edith Piaf for the right to live, and love to sing. If she got up from the slums of Paris to the stage of the best concert halls, then you will succeed!

Amadeus h3> Amadeus

Not only have the talent, it is important to be a person who deserves it. It is dedicated to a historical drama about the confrontation of the two composers.



Sometimes the imagination can play a cruel joke. The film "Atonement" about how important it is to preserve the clarity of mind, even when the work draws.

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