As the structure of the universe is connected with the structure of the human?


Key cosmic laws (Hermes Trismegistus)

What is the structure of the universe and what is its relationship to the structure of the human? This relationship is reflected in the seven cosmic laws that have been formulated over several thousand years before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus. These laws apply to both the macrocosm (the universe), and to the microcosm (man). Many of these laws are confirmed by modern science.

The first cosmic law - the principle of mentalism.

"Everything is mind." All - in the sense of the Absolute, the whole All-One, that is, that includes all. The Universe is something intellectual. It manifests as the mind, and the energy as matter. Absolute - it is a reality that includes everything - all that is, was and will be. This reality is eternal, infinite and immutable, ie finished, complete and perfect. This means that the Universal Mind has the power, which is usually called the Holy Spirit. Matter is seen as a manifestation of the Universal Mind. The laws of fundamental physics confirm the presence of the Absolute "Nothing", which comes from "All". With regard to the human body can be argued that all levels of existence, ranging from physical and ending with the highest spiritual consciousness governed (mind), which is a reflection of the Universal Mind.

The second cosmic law - the principle of conformity (or similar).

This principle establishes an analogy between the macrocosm (the universe) and the microcosm (man) and reads as follows: "As above, so below that at the bottom, then the top." This holographic principle of all life, set the full relationship between macrocosm and microcosm.

Third cosmic law - the principle of vibrations.

Everything vibrates, everything radiates. In nature, there is nothing that is at rest. All the seven bodies of man - a seven-vibration levels, and each level interacts with the appropriate level of vibration of the universe. An important conclusion that for the study of the structure of man, modern science has to move to a new level of thinking, ie, consider all the processes occurring in the human body from the perspective of the theory of radiation.

The fourth cosmic law - the principle of polarity.

All polar in nature: heat and cold, light and dark, positive and negative, yin and yang, male and female. The man has a feminine, a woman - male. Science has confirmed that women have male hormones and male - female. Polarity is manifested in all areas of nature and life.

Fifth cosmic law - the principle of rhythm.

All subordinate rhythmic effects - mood, emotions, periods of intense mental work, rest, etc. Everything in the body is subject to rhythmic influences: pulse, respiration, food intake and excretion. Currently it is developing a modern branch of science - biorhythmology.

The sixth cosmic law - the principle of causality.

Any reason is a consequence, every effect has a cause. With regard to the body - every illness has a root cause and itself can cause damage.

Seventh cosmic law - the principle of duality.

The presence of the active compound (men) and passive (female) started. In the body, this is manifested in the existence of two energies: Yang (male), serving the processes of excitation and Yin (female) serving processes of inhibition. The energy "yang" and "yin" is in the food. This whole theory is built east of macrobiotics (nutrition science).


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