20 funniest Christmas marasmus

New Year's Eve and himself a long-awaited holiday - it's amazing and a bit of a crazy time. New rigmarole covers everything. All in a hurry to finish the case and choose the best gifts to yourself and your family - and in that rush comes a lot of ridiculous situations and curiosities. Can laugh sellers, colleagues, friends, and even pets. < Website offers escape briefly from the bustle and see a selection of holiday marasmus.

Important in the present - the intrigue! h3>

By New Year ready! h3>

A bit of hopelessness from Santa Claus h3>

They are not silent - they are embarrassed h3>

IT pros - they are pros in the New Year h3>

The chocolate Maiden destroy someone's childhood h3>

Elka dreams! Although you can add more cheese h3>

Do not get the gifts? Working quickly and quietly h3>

Oh, those Christmas toys h3>

Switch to the dark side of the holidays h3>

Mosenergo knows how to celebrate the New Year h3>

The husband did not bother with a tree, in response to his wife set the table h3>

Christmas tales are not the same h3>

The Snow Maiden no longer pour h3>

What is the forest, they cut down the Christmas tree?! h3>

Merry Carnival will h3>

And inside - a pair of socks ... h3>

All with coming! h3>

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