Maybe I for one - that I will reveal the secret, but any social matrix is ​​struggling with the fact that people in any case did not wake up. With awakened fought at all times, they were executed, burned and put in prison and mental hospital. Stupid society can be easily controlled. It believes all that stuff with their media (the media). People never know what's going on really up there. Down only give the information that helps to adjust the consciousness of the people. As adults give information to children according to their age and development, and the public authority gives information to the "right" to think about what is happening in the world. The consciousness of people in the matrix is ​​under strict control. Conscious man is not aware of the news of the matrix, and he does not need this "noodle." More about this you can read in the chapter "Living in a matrix or awareness" of the book "Hedgehog in the Fog, or access to the goal - 2". The Ministry of Health is not interested in the recovery of people or circumstances. If people begin to recover, the state will start to splurge. Treat beneficial cure - no. Therefore, our health does not eliminate the causes of human diseases, for eliminating the cause, the disease is eliminated. It combats only with consequence that is cut off the top of weeds, rather than eliminate the root. Therefore, people are always treated in a matrix, treated and cured. And older people already sit firmly on drugs. Thus replenished the state budget. Epidemics of different viruses - it's just a feast for the Ministry of Health, as allows to make billions in fees on sales of antibiotics. It is not difficult to guess where are the viruses, if one considers who wins on the sale of medicines. And the Internet viruses come up with the creators of anti-virus programs. First launch the network created by the virus, and then offer to buy protection from him. If you are in the world war, then one - that a lot of weapons for sale. Wars generally beneficial financially. Television and other media that earn big money. With the state budget the money fly unclear where and why, and officials make good on this. Suffers only the "cannon fodder", the ones programmed biorobots that are embedded in the consciousness of the program of patriotism and national debt. From a normal person doing the murderer, justifying it by the fact that, say, kill the enemy - it is not murder. And why he is an enemy - is? Because so boss said. In the name of God to destroy entire nations. Which holy book is written, Therefore it godly? Religion - the second largest array of lip service after the state, so they are beneficial to unite in order to be effective in 2 times more. Religion, in addition to Buddhist, will not allow in any case a person to engage in self-knowledge. Otherwise, he finds out the truth about what it dissolved as a sucker false spiritual worldview. Who executed the Christ? Religion. Why? Because he was not a supporter of religion and knew what she preaches a false spirituality. All the saints (Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna ...) were alone and did not belong to any religion. And religion has always led the hunt for them and tried to destroy it. Why, then, is for the people of the murderers of those whom they worship the same? Why spirituality began to call antiduhovnost? Because lip service allows you to manage people as a herd and drive it anywhere. Who - that of the wise when - once said very well about the social matrix: "The doctors are destroying health. Lawyers destroy justice. Universities destroy knowledge. Governments destroy freedom. The media destroy information. Religions destroy spirituality ". Lies - is the basis of the matrix. Only it can help to instill false values ​​and manipulate the consciousness of the people. Note that in any institution are not taught how to be happy or successful. None of the school do not start talking about the destiny of man. Upstairs they know what they do not want people who are looking for their destiny. The ruling authorities need zombies, doing the will of those who governs them. To do this, and a structure for the implementation of an information program in mind. Kindergartens, schools, further education, work, retirement. That is, a person's life is already programmed, without his knowledge, starting with birth and ending with his death. And it was hard to be aware and to know the truth, his first start in the school forcibly upload information using for motivation proverbial "carrot and stick". Grade 5 - is excellent, all the respect you, and a score of 2 - it's a shame, and the house of the head do not pat. And here is a man forced his brain persistently hammer uninteresting and unnecessary in most cases, the information for themselves. Why do most? Because we use in the life of only 2% of the assimilation of information, and the rest of the information rubbish in the head does not give the possibility to deviate in the direction of self-knowledge. Spectacle and Fiction distract a person from finding myself in this life. Matrix does everything that the human brain was constantly busy. When the brain is busy, then the person - biorobot, that is a puppet of the matrix. In fluoride toothpaste introduced to zombie proceeded better, because this substance blocks the human consciousness by immersion in himself. All harmful to society issued for the most useful. While a person in your mind, it is very easy to be programmed, and from it you can dazzle, anyone. Today, he loves a politician, and tomorrow will be notified that a politician - a murderer, a thief and a rapist and people will curse him.


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