Everyone lives in his own psychic reality, which is created from his beliefs.

The main reason for the differences between people - that everyone thinks their opinion on what is happening only right. Watching reality helps to understand that this is just different views of the same thing, and the reliability criterion is our own life experience. Learn to analyze from different angles, we understand that any position would be inaccurate - just a point of view.

What does need to prove something

Rejection of the positions of other people causes negative emotions in us, but if you look on the other hand, an attempt to prove something - a mirror of what we can not accept in yourself:

 - The confidence that we know how to;

 - Condemnation of actions of others as a reflection of opposition to itself;

 - Convictions that are already obsolete;

 - Subconscious unwillingness to change.

Each person from birth has the ability to think and learn, everyone is born to get your own life experience: learn to love, to think for themselves, to create his own world, owes nothing to prove, nothing to reject, and to accept as it is in terms of other people (that does not necessarily mean agreement with them).

Adopting as the main way to interact with the reality

When we agree to terms that do not conform to our beliefs, we are certain spiritual discomfort. But if some circumstance it is, it is for something exists, regardless of whether we like it or not. Take - it means recognize the right of another person to be like he is. Recognizing the reality of the present as it is, we have an opportunity to enter into contact with it and influence it.

Leaving, we can not take advantage of what is given to us for something important. Resisting certain people or circumstances, we're wasting huge amounts of energy, which could greatly improve our lives.

Never anyone proves nothing, since the loss of this energy simply colossal: we extinguish itself extinguish the others extinguish resources situation and the whole of our reality. We spend mental energy to talk and problems that lie beyond the scope of our authority to expend energy on something that can not change: trying to educate others, to manipulate them, rather than do their own thing.

The best way to prove anything - it's our own life in harmony internal and external peace, a joyful and thankful acceptance of all. Eastern philosophy calls this process "in the act of non-action," which actually means giving the whole place, and not to prove anything to anyone.


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