15 evidence that doctors are the most creative people!

As the New Year's doctors? Despite the seriousness of the profession, is alien to them thirst for creativity and creative ideas! The site had collected a dozen ways to add fun New Year's mood in the winter weekdays, invented by doctors.

1. Newborn gifts h3>

most coveted gifts.

2. Holiday cardiogram h3>

What could be more beautiful than a good cardiogram?

3. Christmas tree h3>

That is, according to doctors, looks like the perfect Christmas tree.

4. Holiday packages h3>

Packages for a blood transfusion in the form of Christmas socks.

5. Garland h3>

Medical garland.

6. Christmas design h3>

Christmas wreath, which proves that doctors - creative personality.

7. Trauma h3>

Thematic Tree in traumatology.

8. Wreath of ducks h3>

"We kindly request not to break the beauty and not to steal ducks from the wreath!ยป

9. Living Christmas tree h3>

Christmas tree made of condoms, which protect against a variety of surprises.

10. Festive attire h3>

The skeleton is ready for the New Year!

11. Latex scenery h3>

The most sterile herringbone.

12. Santa Claus h3>

What's New Year without a Santa Claus.

13. Decoration h3>

Doctors look at your jewelry.

14. The planned bypass h3>

Festive round.

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