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whole 2015 we wrote about the new and exciting artists and designers, books and films. We admired the actions of good people, talking about love, life, inspiration and learn to dream.

We are fascinated by themselves and sought to enchant you. And we get: you read loudly discussed and talked to friends. Let us be frank - this is what gives meaning to our work and makes us every day early in the morning to come to the office.

< Website I have selected 10 of the coolest, inspiring, funny and touching positions that you are most read and most shared on social networks in 2015.

20 evidence that raising children - this is a very fun h3>

In this article, our readers often shared with friends - more than half a million times. And all because the kids - it's the best anti-depressants. And what they are doing - make sincere and from the heart. Even when the paint blue paint your white rug or smear on the ears in the mud ... read post for more than 3 million times, discussed in the comments of little naughty and shared their stories of nearly 100 people.

How 1 month to make a difference h3>

Blogger Svetlana Pokrevskaya boldly promises to all those who carry out the plan, set out in its article in a month you will not recognize yourself. "It sounds pathetic, but the truth is - it's so pretentious girlfriend." On many dream of a better life - read this article for more than 3 million times, left a comment 250 people.

So they say in Odessa h3>

We admire the wit Odessa and believe that they can learn exactly ironic attitude to life. Each replica in this post - a real masterpiece: they want to memorize and repeat to the place and out of place. How much beloved Odessa frazochek left readers in the comments!

6 cruel truths that will make you better h3>

A provocative article that really need our world, became a record for the number to display. We honestly warned that it will knock you out of the ground under their feet and make your head work. Nearly 500 people have written comments, which is hooked. Attention! The article can cause spiritual discomfort and resentment.

45 pictures that will change your view of the past h3>

45 choice, really rare and catchy images, each of which is the history and destiny of famous people, will satisfy our readers. Post collected 70 enthusiastic comments, it looked 3 million and 150 thousand readers to share it with your friends.

20 movies that every woman should look h3>

In this post we have collected for you the picture for women. And you will not believe, but they are not necessarily about love! They are intelligent, multi-faceted and unpredictable, as does the fair sex, and can play an important role in a woman's life. After all, time to hear the words, or drawn from the idea of ​​the film is able to change the destiny. The post will appeal to many - he has collected 3 million views and more than a hundred comments.

20 brilliant children's responses to control work h3>

In this post website presented 20 evidence that the children will never succumb to school difficulties. However, like their teacher. Pearls children have collected more than 2 million hits, and 280 thousand of post it on their pages on social networks.

25 SMS from people who do not have time for this is your flirt h3>

In the age of smartphones relationship develop faster and easier - bye appointed and canceled two words, and failures are limited to short phrases. But sometimes short correspondence can be a positive charge for the whole day. We have collected 25 such funny love stories that our readers liked. Than? Perhaps the fact that they are from life.

The most ulybatelny position in the world h3>

View this post until the end, and never be able to smile, perhaps even the most callous people. There are smiling all: children and giraffes, and kittens and ducklings, and bugs and spiders. And even airplanes. It's time to remember how important it is to enjoy the simple little things in life.

10 things that every day we are doing wrong h3>

Post full of discoveries that many things, it turns out, it is convenient to do so is not, as we used to. The article looked at 2, 3 million people, and discussed in the comments of 150 readers.

We very much hope that all life hacking really make your life easier:

That was a dozen of the best articles on the Website at the choice of our readers. Ahead of the new year 2016, and therefore, a lot of new and exciting, emotional and useful posts.

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