When the police found this old woman, she had two convolution. What lay in them, brought them to tears ...

This complicated story happened in mid-September in Busan, South Korea. Pak officer, proceed to the service of the local police station at the beginning of this year, I felt an irresistible fatigue in the afternoon. He wanted to take a nap when suddenly the phone rang. His boss at the other end said about the strange old woman who has been more than an hour wandering around.

At Pak had no time to hesitate. We had to act! The officer got into his car and drove to the specified location. It must be easy to lose the old woman, and he was in charge of law enforcement officials, it will not be difficult to solve this problem.

When Pak arrived on the scene, he saw an old woman, carrying two large bundle ...

The old woman could not answer a single question, she asked the policeman. Who is she? Where to live? Where his way? She tirelessly repeating the same thing: «My daughter gives birth». I> Still, she could not even mention the name of his daughter. The woman looked confused and firmly pressed to his hosts.

As it turned out, the old woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease, and she often had memory lapses. The case was much more complicated than anticipated Pak.

As the old woman could not say no entries Paku officer, he had to look for some clues that would help clarify the case. But little detail has attracted the attention of a police officer. On older ladies were slippers. So she lived somewhere nearby. Pak photographed the old woman on the cell phone and began to show her photos to passersby.

Pak asked the woman to go with him to the local police station, so she rested a little and put heavy components. But when the officer offered the old woman putting packages on the floor, she suddenly shuddered and protested. So, in knots kept something very precious to her.

Several hours later, the police still managed to find someone who recognized the old woman. Pak learned home to grandma, its name and even the address of the hospital where her daughter was lying.

Several officers went with the woman to the hospital, so she could visit her daughter and newborn grandson. The old woman, and the police could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Grandma said with a smile from ear to ear began to unpack the convolution. What lay in them, made even shed a few tears of brave police officers. As it turned out, the nodes was soup, rice and vegetables. In Korea, a hot soup of algae usually give new mothers because algae are rich in nutrients that help restore power.

The old woman took her daughter food and suggested: «Eat, get well, cute». I> The girl burst into tears ... The police witnessed a very sentimental scenes.

This story proves once again that a mother's love knows no bounds. Even serious illness is not able to become an obstacle for her. If you touched narrated the same as me share a story with your friends.

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